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12 Panel Now Drug Test in Bulk

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 71% of workplaces that employ 1,000 people or more utilize drug tests regularly. Probation officers and law enforcement frequently use drug testing as a means to assess criminals and probationers. Rehabilitation facilities and clinics use drug testing to monitor patient progress.

12 Panel Now understands the importance of drug testing to companies, clinics, and law enforcement. To make sure these drug testers have all the tools they need for an affordable price, offers drug tests in bulk.

But why would you want to buy drug tests in bulk? How will bulk urine drug tests improve your processes?

Why Bulk Order Drug Test Kits?

If ordering drug tests is part of your work routine, then you should consider bulk order drug test kits. Taking advantage of 12 Panel Now’s bulk ordering abilities will help you save money and time, while being fully prepared for your drug testing needs.

Always Be Prepared

When you are relying on drug testing as a part of your operations, the last thing you need is delays. Keeping a full stock of ready-to-use drug tests will help your processes run smoothly with no roadblocks. Bulk buying drug test supplies will help keep your inventory full so you never run out.

When bulk buying drug tests from other suppliers, you’ll have to continuously pay attention to your inventory and order far in advance. Shipping out large orders can cause serious delays, as it requires having a large inventory on hand. Many organizations end up waiting weeks for their orders, which could be longer than they can wait.

12 Panel Now recognizes that when you need your drug test orders, you need them as soon as possible. To keep up with demand, no matter how big the order, 12 Panel Now keeps over 2 million drug tests in stock at all times. With such a large inventory, can handle tons of large orders without batting an eye.

Rapid Shipping

Because of the ready inventory, 12 Panel Now can also send out your orders immediately. When you order $90 or more of drug testing supplies, you are entitled to same-day shipping. Within 1-4 business days, you’ll have your order at your door in most U.S. locations.

12 Panel Now is located in Florida. Sending large orders to other U.S. locations is quick and simple, so you won’t have to worry about your order crossing borders or getting lost.

Your orders will process and ship so fast that you won’t have to order weeks in advance to keep your supply stocked. As a result, you can bulk buy drug testing supplies and not worry about constantly putting in new orders. You’ll never run out of drug testing supplies again.


Many types of medical equipment and testing supplies have a looming expiration date. When supplies only last a short while, it can be risky to buy large amounts. If you buy too much, it’s likely you won’t use it all before it expires.

If you bulk buy certain drug testing supplies and many of them expire, any results from those drug tests will be invalid. When you rely on accurate results to make decisions about your patients, parolees, or employees, you can’t worry about invalid results.

To make sure you never have to throw out test results again, 12 Panel Now prioritizes a long shelf life for their drug testing supplies. Most of 12 Panel Now’s drug tests last 1-2 years.

Because of this shelf life, you can confidently bulk buy drug testing supplies from 12 Panel Now and never worry about expiration dates.

Discounted Prices

If you know you will need large amounts of drug test supplies, and these supplies will last a long time, there’s no reason to hesitate in bulk buying. Further, the incentive to bulk buy is that you’ll save money. already offers drug tests supplies at great, affordable prices. Most drug test sticks sell for only a little over a dollar each. Each drug test cup is only about $2-$5 each. These prices significantly decrease when you buy more than one.

12 Panel Now offers great discount prices for bulk buying drug test supplies. Supplies that normally cost several dollars each are reduced to under $1-$2 each when you buy in bulk. You can end up saving hundreds of dollars a year if you choose to buy drug test supplies in bulk from 12 Panel Now.

Bulk Drug Testing Supplies

Bulk Drug Testing Supplies

Your next question is most likely, “Which drug testing device can I bulk buy?” The answer is all of them. 12 Panel Now offers bulk discounts and wholesale pricing for drug testing supplies so you can always be prepared while saving time and money.

Bulk Drug Test Cups

12 Panel Now has a huge range of drug test cups to choose from when stocking your organization for future drug tests. Drug test cups allow you to collect urine samples and test them for substances all in one action.

12 Panel Now drug test cups are equipped with leak-resistant, non-drip screw tops and a built-in temperature strip to prevent cheating. These are 99% accurate, FDA-approved, and CLIA waived tests. As part of the test, panels are built into the cup so that you can read results without ever removing the lid.

6, 8, 10, and 12 Panel Drug Test Bulk

Six-panel drug test cups include six strips for testing these substances:12 Panel Now Drug Testing Supplies

  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Buprenorphine
  • Cocaine
  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone

12 Panel Now sells 6-panel drug test cups for a little under $3. If you buy 100 test cups, this price goes down to $1.99. If you buy 1,000, you’ll only pay $1.79!

Eight-panel drug test cups include eight different test strips. Along with the substances above, 8-panel drug test cups test for marijuana and meth. 12 Panel Now offers 8-panel drug test cups for a little under $4, but if you buy 100 cups, you can get them for as little as $2.59 each. If you buy 10,000, you can get them for $1.89 each.

Ten-panel drug test cups include 10 different test strips. Along with the substances above, 10-panel drug tests can test for methadone and ecstasy. You can get 10-panel drug test cups for as low as $1.99 if you buy 10,000, but normally they sell for over $4.

Twelve-panel drug test cups include 12 different test strips. Aside from the substances above, you can also test for tricyclic antidepressants and barbiturates. For just $2.09 each, you can get 10,000 test cups, slashing the cost in half.

For just a few cents more each, you can get specialized 12-panel drug tests cups that include other substances such as adulterants, alcohol, and PCP.

13, 14, and 16 Panel Drug Test Bulk

If you’re looking to invest in drug test cups that cover all the bases, you’ll want to consider 13-16 panel drug test cups. These tests cover all the substances that 6-12 panel drug test cups, but add a few more if you’re concerned or change the combinations of the previous cups.

13-panel drug test cups can add testing for fentanyl or adulterants. Or, you can buy a 13-panel drug test cup that includes PCP and fentanyl testing. You can get them for as low as $2.49 per fentanyl cup if you buy 10,000 cups, and adulterant-testing cups are ten cents more.

14-panel drug test cups come in three different combinations. Along with the basic substances from the previous cups, they can include alcohol, fentanyl, PCP, human chorionic gonadotropin, and tramadol. 14-panel drug test cups come in bulk of 10,000 cups for $2.59-$2.69 each.

16-panel drug test cups are the most comprehensive drug tests cups that 12 Panel Now offers in bulk. For $3.29 per cup for 10,000 cups, you can get a test that checks for 16 different substances including fentanyl, kratom, and alcohol.

Drug Test Strips

Bulk Drug Test Strips

Instead of buying drug test cups, you can buy drug test strips. Test strips provide an affordable way of drug test.. If you already have a supply of urine sample cups, or you don’t want to test for all the substances that 12 Panel Now’s drug test cups offer, you can save money by just buying the test strips.

When you buy in bulk at, you can get special discounts on bulk alcohol test strips, fentanyl test strips, and kratom test strips.

Alcohol Test Strips

Unlike breathalyzers or bloodwork, EtG strips can test for even the lowest levels of alcohol use. In addition, testing urine samples avoids false positives that can caused by personal hygiene items like mouthwash or food, such as syrup. These alcohol test strips can detect alcohol for over three days after consumption.

For only $0.59, you can get 10,000 alcohol test strips, which are usually more than $2 per single test.

Fentanyl Test Strips

Fentanyl is becoming a popular drug to abuse, so employers and law enforcement should have fentanyl test strips on hand. An added benefit of 12 Panel Now’s fentanyl test strips is that they can detect the substance in any liquid, not just urine. However, these strips are for forensic use only.

You can buy 5,000 or more fentanyl test strips for only $0.59 each.

Kratom Test Strips

Kratom urine test strips detect both the levels of Kratom and its metabolites in the body. It has been increasingly popular, originating as an herbal pain reliever but now being abused. This test is for forensic use only.

You can buy 10,000 kratom test strips for $0.69 each!

Enjoy 12 Panel Now Prices

At 12 Panel Now, you can enjoy bulk discounts and wholesale pricing with every large order. In addition, you can get free same-day shipping so your inventory is restocked in as little as 1-4 days. For even lower prices, you can contact John, Alex, or Mona to talk about your order.

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