5 Reasons Behind a False Positive Pregnancy Test

There is no better feeling than holding your bundle of joy in your arms. If you are trying to conceive or suspect that you are pregnant, there are two methods that can be employed to confirm your results i.e. Blood and Urine test.

Blood testing as the name suggests confirms the presence of HCG levels in your blood. However, these tests are expensive, time consuming and must be done in a medical office. Urine testing, on the other hand, can be done without any assistance in the comfort of your home.


Urine test strips are inexpensive and provide 99% accurate results in just 5 minutes. This is one of the compelling reasons that women are leaning towards pregnancy test strips. However, not all positive readings indicate that you are pregnant as there are certain occasions where a home pregnancy test can exhibit a false positive reading.

Here in, we bring to you the most prevalent reasons that can cause a false positive:

Evaporation Lines

An evaporation line is left behind when your urine evaporates completely. This can cause a faint line to appear on the pregnancy test that is often mistaken for a positive. This occurs when you read the test after the recommended time has been elapsed. The ideal way to avoid an evaporation line is to follow the specific instructions given on the test.

Chemical Pregnancy

This is amongst the most predictable cause behind a false positive. It occurs when a fertilized egg is not able to implant in the uterus or grows early on. This type of miscarriage is unlike other miscarriages as it happens abruptly after an implantation. The common causes behind a chemical pregnancy are-

  • Asymmetrical uterus
  • Fibroids
  • Scar Tissue

The early test results of a chemical pregnancy can be devastating, hence wait until after one week of your expected period to go for pregnancy test.


A majority of medications do not affect the results of a home pregnancy test. However, if you are consuming fertility medications it might indicate a false positive as these medicines contains HCG as an active ingredient.

Medical Conditions


Some medical conditions can cause HCG levels to rise in your body even if you are not pregnant. These are-

  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Pituitary Problems
  • Ovarian Cancer

Miscarriage or Abortion

After your miscarriage or abortion, HCG can linger in your body for months. After the termination of pregnancy, the HCG level begins to reduce but it is a slow process and can take upto six weeks. Additionally, if the miscarriage was unprompted, some of the placenta might be left behind and continue to produce HCG that can incite a false positive.

To conclude…

Urine pregnancy strips are a facile and effective way to confirm your suspicions about pregnancy. Although they are error proof,  it is crucial to follow the instructions given on the pregnancy test strips for precise results. We advise you to consult your doctor in case you incur a positive for further guidance.

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