A Closer Look: What Does a 12 Panel Drug Test Test For?

12 Panel Drug Test Drug List

Almost 70% of illicit drug users have full-time or part-time employment. These staggering rates are even higher for people who binge drink.

What does a 12 panel drug test test for? This in-depth drug test can help keep your clinic safe.

The in-depth analysis of a 12 panel drug test lets clinic managers know exactly where someone is at in their sobriety. If you think this is something your clinic or rehab center would benefit from, then keep reading on to learn more about drug testing and where to buy them.

Benefits of Drug Testing

Drug testing is useful in a variety of clinics. If you deal with clients, employees, or patients who are at risk, then this is a must-have. Finding a quality 12 panel drug test cup makes all the difference in accuracy and efficiency.

Using urine cups is still one of the most common ways to check for illicit drug use. 12 Panel Now supplies a variety of urine cups with the option to add in testing for Ethyl glucuronide (EtG).

EtG is the compound that is tested for when someone has consumed alcohol. A 12-panel urine drug test with EtG will let you test clients or patients that have a history of alcohol abuse.

Drug testing is commonly used in a variety of settings including athletics, job sites, forensics, and rehab centers. Urine tests are fairly easy to administer. The person that a drug test is conducted on will have a small cup that they are instructed to urinate in.

You typically need at least one to two ounces of urine for accurate testing. Oftentimes, the container itself has testing strips in it. This allows physicians to easily read the results on the side of the cup.

Other options include purchasing specific strips for a compound you want to test. For instance, if you want to target Fentanyl, then you could purchase an additional testing strip for Fentanyl rather than purchasing bulk urine drug tests for that specific compound.

More commonly, urine drug tests target marijuana, opioids, and cocaine. There are a variety of drug panel tests, ranging from a single test strip to a 18 panel cup test.

What Does a 12 Panel Drug Test Test For?

Where can you buy a 12 panel drug test? This is a common question as purchasing a 12 panel urine drug test in bulk is widely popular for drug testing.

This specific test uses a urine cup and checks for 12 different drugs. These drugs are:

In general, each drug has a specific window for testing. This is because each compound has a different half-life. Why is this important?

Someone may have taken illicit drugs but it was outside of the testing window, meaning it won’t show up on a drug test. It may be important for your clinic or rehab center to repeatedly use these tests to check for sobriety.

Some of the general timelines for common drugs that will show up on a urine cup test are listed below.

  • Amphetamines: 2 days
  • Benzodiazepines: 2 to 10 days
  • Cocaine: 2 to 10 days
  • Marijuana: 3 to 30 days
  • Opioids: 1 to 3 days


If you buy 12 panel drug tests, you want to know you are getting quality results. So, just how accurate are these tests?

No single drug test is going to be completely accurate. You run the risk of tampering and missing windows of testing times. Additionally, someone has to ingest enough of a drug for it to show up as a positive indicator.

12panelnow has these cut-off marks listed on all of the products. It is helpful to have cut-off marks because someone can consume trace amounts of a drug without even knowing. This amount is not enough for a physiological response but would show up on a drug test if there weren’t benchmarks in place.

There is more risk for urine drug tests to fall victim to tampering. However, most tests require that there are certain pH levels. If someone has tried tampering with their urine, it is likely that the test will show up as inconclusive.

This can hint to providers or clinicians that something is amiss or lead to additional drug testing. On average, urine drug tests are the most widely used form of drug testing in the workplace for their reliability.

Some 12 panel drug test facts include a 99% accuracy with the availability to read the results in just a few minutes on testing cups. This test is also approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These tests can be made available for home use as well – making it simple to perform drug testing outside of the clinic.

Bulk Drug Test Cups

Are looking into buying a bulk drug test? Not only can buying in bulk decrease cost but it provides you with plenty of reliable and effective drug testing for your clinic.

Check out multiple bulk drug tests that are widely available for clinic use. The cups are offered anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 units. This will give you peace of mind that you are stocked for multiple drug testing use.

Reliable Drug Testing

Hopefully, you have a good knowledge base when posed with the question what does a 12 panel drug test test for? This drug test is a staple in the industry and provides high accuracy in little to no time.

You don’t want to have to worry about the reliability of a drug test in your clinic. Check out our line of drug test cups and let us provide your clinic with top-end drug testing within an affordable price range.


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