About the 3 Panel Drug Test Dip Card

Drug abuse is a devastating problem for people to deal with. Once a person gets started on drugs, it can be difficult to stop using. But the problem is that these drugs can impair a person’s ability to function in a normal society.

There are certain jobs where you must be sober to work effectively. Courts often find that drugs are a major influence when crimes are committed.

But it would take ages to test for every recreational drug available one by one. So how do we test these people efficiently?

A 3 panel drug test can help eliminate this problem by testing for multiple drugs at once. Reason on to learn more about these drug tests.

What Is a 3 Panel Drug Test?

A 3 panel urine drug test is a type of multi-drug screen dip card. In this case, it tests for three different types of drugs at once.

It works by testing a person’s urine. This is the most popular method of drug testing because it is low-cost and noninvasive. This keeps patients comfortable and doctors safe.

What Does a 3 Panel Drug Test Test For?

The 3 panel drug test by 12 Panel Now tests for Cocaine, Morphine, and Marijuana. These three drugs are among the most popular recreational drugs. Because of this, it’s very easy to test for them both at the same time.

About the 3 Panel Drug Test Dip Card

So why should you trust drug test dip cards from 12 Panel Now? And why should you use their 3 panel drug test dip card? You should consider these features when shopping for a multi-drug test panel.


When you’re shopping for a urine test, the first thing you need to consider is how accurate the test is. If a test isn’t accurate at all, then there’s no point to it.

And the lower the accuracy of the test, the more trials you should do to ensure that your result is correct. That means you have to use more drug test cards. This costs more money for doctors and patients.

Employers are counting on that to decide who to hire, and courts use these results to determine the fates of parolees and probationers. In other words, it is important that these results are correct when they get sent to these institutions.

Therefore, it makes so much more sense to order the most accurate tests possible. That’s why the 3 panel drug test by 12 Panel Now boasts a ninety-nine percent accuracy rate. That number comes from the CDC’s Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA).

This means that you can be confident that the results you get from your test are correct the first time. You won’t need to waste materials on retests with that level of accuracy. This lets doctors move on to their next patients quickly and employers and courts can make faster decisions.

Easy to Use

The next thing you should be looking for is a test that’s easy to use. If a test is too complicated, then it can be easy to do it wrong. When that happens, the results of the test are invalid.

In this case, you would have to try again with a new test. That can be a waste of time and money that doctors can use on other tasks. Not to mention that employers and courts can’t wait forever to make decisions.

So you need a test that’s both accurate and easy to use. The good news is that drug tests sold by 12 Panel Now are extremely easy to use.

The only thing you need is a clean cup for a urine sample. There doesn’t even need to be a lot of it for an accurate pee test. It just needs to be enough to soak the ends of strips.

This is so easy that it can even be done at home. So long as you have access to a sterile cup, it’s very hard to use this test incorrectly. This is one reason why urine tests are so popular.


Speed is essential to ensuring that the results can get to the right people quickly. This means that courts and employers can get their decisions made efficiently. There are two parts to this: shipping speeds and test speeds.

You need a company you can trust to mail you the right tests for your purposes quickly. That means you need your materials shipped out the very same day that you order them.

That’s why 12 Panel Now will ship all orders placed before 4 pm the same day. Any orders made after 4 pm will be sent out the next business day. This ensures that you don’t have to wait long to get the supplies that you need.

You also need tests that are going to give you results as fast as possible, but there’s no such thing as an instant test right now. However, this 3 panel drug test is a rapid test. It will display results in approximately five minutes.

That means that patients don’t have to wait long for their results, and doctors can send them to the right institutions quickly. That saves time and money when you’re shopping for multi-drug tests.


If you’re buying a bulk drug test, then you have to remember that you might not use them every day. A long shelf-life ensures that if you don’t use your tests right away that they’ll still work when you need them. There’s no point in ordering a large number of drug tests that might just go bad.

In this case, you first of all need to consider how fast you go through drug tests. If you run a clinic that uses several every day, then it might be worth it to order larger numbers. This would keep your clinic from running out of supplies.

However, if you only go through a few drug tests every week, then a large number of materials would just go bad before you can use all of them. The last thing you want is to waste materials and money.

So you should be looking for drug tests that have a long shelf-life. That’s why 12 Panel Now drug tests have a shelf life of up to two years.

This gives you plenty of time to use all of your supplies. And because you can order in bulk, you’ll have plenty of time to order more before you run out of tests.

Time Since Drugs Were Last Used

The next thing you need to consider is that some patients will hold off on using drugs for a few days before their drug test. If done right, then this can get them a negative result so that their employer or parole officer won’t catch them using drugs. What they don’t always realize is that some tests can detect drug usage from the past few days.

These are the most useful tests, especially if they’re being tested during a scheduled appointment. 12 Panel Now drug tests are among those tests that can detect evidence of drugs for days after usage.

Our 3 panel drug tests can detect cocaine that’s been used within the last two to four days. This part of the test has a cutoff of three hundred ng/ml.

It detects the usage of marijuana from the past one to three days. This has a cutoff of fifty ng/ml.

And finally, it can detect morphine usage from the past two to three days. It has a cutoff level of 300 ng/ml.

These timeframes and cutoff levels are going to add to the accuracy of the tests as well. This gives you peace of mind that you know you’re giving the right counsel to employers and courts every time.


Finally, you should of course be considering the cost of the tests that you’re buying. You want a high-quality product, but you don’t want to drain your bank account to get it. Therefore, you shouldn’t just throw your money at any product that’s on the market.

Drug tests are a low-cost item to manufacture, which is why 12 Panel Now can send your facility large amounts of tests for a very low cost. When you buy in bulk, each test can cost you less than a dollar per unit.

The price is always going to be affected by how many tests you’re ordering. With 12 Panel Now, you can order up to two thousand tests at a time for just sixty-nine cents per test. That comes out to just over thirteen hundred dollars total.

Try This 3 Panel Drug Test Today

If your clinic does a lot of drug testing, then you need supplies you can trust to get the job done. They should be accurate, fast, and low-cost. That’s why a 3 panel drug test is perfect for your needs.

Also, 12 Panel Now has the most accurate drug tests available at prices that can’t be beaten. We even guarantee that your order will ship the same day if you order before 4 pm.

Order some today and see how our drug test dip cards can help your clinic.

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