Alcohol does not seem like a super huge issue at the present, but it can be.  It can be a huge issue with very big consequences.  People who over drink can cause an issue to the other people around them.  Alcoholics can also pose an issue to the people around them and can be very dangerous individuals to work with.  They are sloppy and most of the time do not pay attention to what they are doing properly.  Even if they are functioning alcoholics, they pose a danger to other people on the job.  No one is ever really okay when they are drinking.

Alcohol abuse and functioning alcoholics

If you are a functioning alcoholic you may need to get some help and we strongly recommend that you seek it.  If you are close to a functioning alcoholic, you may want to urge them to get some help.    If you are employing a high functioning alcoholic, you may not even know.  High functioning alcoholics are people who have drank so much that they can drink and not seem to show any of the effects of the alcohol, even though they are well past drunk.  Have you ever heard of someone “drinking themselves sober”?  Be rest assured that things like this do not happen.  People do not drink themselves into a sober stupor, they are still well past drunk.  Their system is just used to the fact that they are drunk.  These people can walk around and talk to you like there is nothing wrong.  They would fail breathalyzer, probably at insane levels, but would probably pass any sobriety test an officer had to give.  The problem with this is that their reaction time is still slightly slower and their reasoning skills are not as sharp.  They have the ability to think but can still make very irrational decisions.

Stop alcohol abuse on your job site today

At we offer testing supplies that could be of great use to you when it comes to keeping your job site safe.  At some point, someone is going to mention, either in passing or straight to your face as a boss, that you have a person, or people, on your crew that is having an issue coming to work sober.  As a boss, you will have to do something about this, which may require you to be a little harsh on your employees, but will need done.  12panelnow offers an alcohol testing strip that is one of the most accurate strips on the market.  The Ethyl Glucuronide(EtG) are actually traces found in the body after being exposed to ethanol, including alcoholic beverages. EtG is thus used here as a biological marker of alcohol consumption.  This ETG alcohol test strips will be used in situations where total abstinence is requested, such as during weaning or in certain professional places.  Accurately, it is the anti-alcohol test to be used in situations where zero tolerance is required.

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These alcohol EtG testing strips was specifically calibrated to highlight alcohol consumption. Its detection threshold avoids the false positive results that would be due to parasitic alcohol intakes, such as the small amounts that can be ingested when using certain syrups, mouthwashes, hygiene products or even products household.  We also offer bulk fentanyl testing strips and 5 to 12 panel testing cups at wholesale prices in order for you to maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace.  All of our products are guaranteed and if they are faulty in any way at all you may return them for new products or our money back.  Check out our bulk supplies at today.