An Overview of Our Different Types of Drug Tests

different types of drug tests

Did you know that heroin can show up in a urine drug test up to three days after use? Marijuana can also remain in the system for up to seven days.

Different types of drug tests are useful in identifying specific drugs in someone’s system. Additionally, the different types of urine drug tests can identify drugs such as heroin, MDMA, and cocaine.

It is important to understand all types of drug screens to determine what is the most beneficial for your company, patients, or employees.

Drug Half-Life

The type of drug impacts how long it remains in someone’s system. Other factors that determine how long a drug remains in one’s system are the dosage, other drugs in one’s system, age, and body size.

This is important to understand because many drug tests can only detect drugs up to a certain level in the system. Many drugs and pharmaceuticals operate on a half-life. This states how quickly the drug decreases to 50% in your body.

For instance, heroin has a short half-life of two to six minutes. Methamphetamine has a longer half-life of around 11 hours whereas marijuana has one of the longest half-lives at around four to six days.

While some medications such as barbiturates, will have a longer detection time, others will disappear after a few days. If you want thorough drug and alcohol testing, a urine test has a longer detection period than a mouth swab.

However, both have their own pros and cons. One of the first things to decide before purchasing a drug test is what drug(s) you are looking to detect. This will orient you to a drug’s half-life and how specific of a test you need.

Different Types of Mouth Swab Drug Test

A mouth swab is also referred to as one of the different types of saliva drug tests. These are becoming more popular in the replacement of urine drug samples as they are usually easier to obtain.

It is also helpful for clinicians to view the person taking the test which minimizes the risk of a person faltering with the result. It is even becoming more commonplace on roadside emergencies where police officers require testing for people driving under the influence.

An oral swab drug test is used by swiping the inside of a cheek. Oral swabs can detect substances that were taken within thirty minutes prior to the test. Additionally, it is one of the quicker tests for results.

In a lab, the results will take slightly longer – around 24 hours. If you opt for an at-home test, then it can give you results in ten minutes or less.

A ten-panel oral swab test detects up to ten different drugs in someone’s system. This includes more common substances such as morphine, marijuana, amphetamines, and oxycodone.

One of the defining factors of these oral swab kits is that they are 98% accurate. It doesn’t provide as large of a spectrum of drug detection as other tests but it is a great tool for quick and easy use.

Urine Drug Tests

What are the different types of urine drug tests? Urine tests have been a staple in the workplace drug testing industry for years. Some of the more common ones are a 12-panel drug test and a 13-panel drug test.

The difference between the two is in the number of drugs it tests for. You can opt for specific urine tests that include a specific drug you want to target.

Additionally, there are options for urine strips or you can directly read the results on the urine cup sample. In a 12-panel and a 13-panel drug test, the results will show 12 or 13 of the most common drugs.

Urine drug tests are around 99% accurate and results are given in a few minutes. Urine tests typically check for amphetamines, opioids, PCP, cocaine, marijuana, and others.

Like other tests, urine samples have a cut-off mark. If a substance is below the cut-off mark in the body’s system it won’t show up as a positive result on the test. For example, to detect oxycodone in someone’s system, at least 100 ng/ml is needed.

What are the downsides to urine tests? They are more easily altered by the user. The oral swab tests are easy to notice any tampering of the specimen.

With urine tests, people aren’t observed while using the urine cup sample and this can lead to altered results. However, urine cup samples have specific pH levels and other systems in place. If it is tampered with, it will likely draw an inconclusive result.

Urine also has a larger testing window than oral swabs. It can detect drugs that have been in the system for up to a month afterward – this is seen in the case of marijuana use. Cocaine can also show up in urine tests up to four days after.

Different Urine Tests

Are there different types of urine drug tests? You don’t need to purchase a 12-panel or 13-panel urine drug test. You can choose smaller drug panels or specify a certain drug such as fentanyl.

Also choose urine cup samples that test for alcohol levels. This urine test samples Ethyl glucuronide (EtG). EtG is the aftermath of consuming alcohol.

It remains in the system for almost three and a half days when testing urine. Using a urine test for EtG is a great way to monitor sobriety.

There are also larger, more expensive drug panels that you can purchase. An example of this is a 16-panel urine drug test. These different types of drug tests look for Fentanyl and Kratom. You can check out 12 Panel Now’s 16-panel urine cup for extensive testing.

Fentanyl Test Strips

Fentanyl is becoming a larger crisis in the United States. Many people are overdosing from Fentanyl-laced opioids. It is more crucial to test people for Fentanyl in today’s workplace.

Fentanyl drug test strips are useful because they detect Fentanyl in multiple solutions. You can also use it for a urine sample.

Fentanyl is typically mixed into drugs or found in unidentified drugs. To test a drug compound, you will mix the drug into the water and then dip the test strip in. These simple tests work similarly to a pregnancy test where one or two lines will indicate whether there is Fentanyl in the substance.

Most Fentanyl strips have a cut-off of 200 ng/ml. Two lines indicate a negative result whereas one line in the control area is a positive result.

These tests are meant for a quick Fentanyl check and don’t indicate how much fentanyl is in the mixture. There is some controversy over these test strips.

Some people claim that offering easy testing strips enables drug users to continue with their habits. Other research suggests that test strips reduce overdoses and behaviors that lead to overdoses.

Why is it important to reduce risky behaviors associated with overdoses? Providing awareness towards fentanyl in drug batches is crucial to curbing overdose deaths.

In 2019, approximately 51% of overdose deaths were caused by Fentanyl. This staggering statistic is on the rise. It is important to provide employers, individuals, and physicians with the tools to detect Fentanyl in medication.

Bulk Tests

Are you deciding what type of drug test you or your company needs?

Bulk tests for urine cup samples or testing strips can save on costs. Additionally, you can choose between 1,000 to 10,000 cups or test strips. If you are still having questions such as what are the different types of drug tests, then you can rest easy and know that urine or oral swab samples are reliable and accurate.

Opting for urine cups and oral swabs also requires less supervision and expertise by the person administering the test. Results are also shown within just a few minutes. You can visit 12panelnow for great prices on quality drug tests.

False Positives

You have likely heard of athletes or other individuals receiving a false positive on a drug test. What are some of the main reasons false positives show up?

Decongestants that contain ephedrine present a risk for someone testing positive for amphetamines. Poppy seeds also contain active ingredients that have the potential to lead to a false positive for opiates.

Another recent concern is CBD resulting in positive tests for THC. If you consume pure CBD, there should not be any traces of THC. However, be careful of where you purchase CBD from as some manufacturers still have THC in them.

Different Types of Drug Tests

There are many different types of drug tests that fit any consumer’s needs. Urine and oral swab tests are reliable tests that detect multiple commonly abused medications.

Having reliable drug test methods can save you time and the hassle of ordering lab work. Check out our website today for purchasing common drug tests that are reliable, quick, and easy to use.


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