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Can’t Pee in a Urine Cup? Here’s Why

Can't pee in a urine cup? Here's why

Can’t pee in a urine cup? Here’s why.

Have you ever queued up for a urinalysis and suddenly felt anxious about undergoing such a simple diagnostic procedure? Worse yet, have you ever experienced being ready and prepared to collect your urine specimen. But seemingly can’t pee in a urine cup at all.

Inability to void urine is a condition that commonly occurs and could afflict anyone. 

It has implications when the urine specimen is for a drug test. Because it could mean losing the opportunity to considered for a job. 

It could even mean being completely dropped from the rolls, especially if your work has high sensitivity. 

Indeed, drug testing is a must not only because it is presumed to be lawful in the US in the absence of a federal law requiring it. But because it helps ensure workplace safety, security, and productivity.

Why you can’t pee in a urine cup: 5 reasons

Convinced now that you should undergo urinalysis? But why is your bladder not cooperating? Here are some reasons why: 

Shy bladder

You are probably afflicted with shy bladder or paruresis, a social anxiety disorder that affects up to 20 million people in the United States and 2 million in Canada. 

People who experience shy bladder or paruresis cannot void urine into a collection cup on demand, more. So when another person is nearby, which happens in drug tests.

Shy bladder is very treatable, though. For starters, one can try relaxation techniques, meditation, or taking a stroll around the block. Before showing up for the urine test to done.

Fear of contaminating the sample during the collection process. 

Understandable and certainly, a valid fear because a urine sample easily gets contaminated through wrong handling. Contamination may result from accidentally touching the inner side of the collection cup with dirty hands. Washing one’s hands and the genital area should help prevent contamination and ensure that the urine specimen can give accurate results.

  1. It’s unhygienic. Going in for a urinalysis sometimes makes you freak out from the thought that your hands will get dirty with urine splatter. True, but a good soap and abundant water to wash one’s hands with should take care of this concern. Being a germaphobe is alright, but urine splatter shouldn’t hurt. What is important is that the diagnostic test will show proof that you are drug-free and worthy of getting into the shortlist of applicants for a job.
  1. It’s embarrassing turning in a wet collection cup at the laboratory. Laboratorians have trained to handle these things. They wear PPEs, too, and handling specimens is already part of their daily lives such that they tend to be very clinical about it. They won’t judge you for turning in a wet cup.

You can carefully wipe the outer part of your collection cup for good measure before you submit it to the laboratory staff. A few pieces of a paper napkin should help you wipe away the moisture from the collection cup’s outside part. 

Women have difficulty holding a urine collection cup under their genitals and ensuring the right timing to collect the urine (midstream in most cases) and not contaminate it. Yes, it’s really a feat for contortionists. However, because it is necessary, one has to put up with the temporary discomfort. It won’t take a long time, anyway, and the benefits are huge. 

Now that you know why you can’t void urine for the drug test and what you can do to get around the problem, it’s time for you to give it another try. 

If it still won’t work, try and see if you can have a saliva drug test instead. 12 Panel Now has oral swabs that can detect up to ten illicit substances.

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