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How to choose Drug Test Cups?

What makes 12PanelNow stand out?

Did you ask yourself How to choose Drug Test Cups? The market for drug testing cups is expansive and saturated with many suppliers. However, drug testing cups themselves are relatively simple as a product. There’s generally not much of a difference between one cup or another. So why do your business with us? What makes 12PanelNow stand out?

How to choose Drug Test Cups?

How to choose Drug Test Cups?

First and foremost it’s the price. Our prices are extremely affordable and a quick Google search will show you how competitive we are compared to other companies. Our tagline is “Cheapest in the Nation” and, thus far, there’s nothing we have seen to disprove that claim.

However, although we use the word cheap, the quality of the cups are anything but. Each cup is accompanied with a no-drip-seal lid and made with grade 4 plastic. They’re durable, reliable, and safe for use.

We’re a family owned business, selling Drug Test Cups!

We’re also a family owned business, selling Drug Test Cups, that prides itself on providing quality service. We always strive to be warm and friendly, and you can count us to assist you with any questions or issues should they arise.

Like the drug testing cups themselves, our mission statement is simple: provide a great price, make a quality product, and offer great service. If you’d like to receive even more information about our products, feel free to contact us at the number below. Thank you for reading this blog and we look forward to cultivating a prosperous relationship with you in the future.  So don’t look any further and contact us today to receive the best prices on urine drug testing cups.

Alex De Marchi, COO at 12 Panel Now
Email: alex@12panelnow.com
Phone Number: 561-909-7490
For a live video demonstrating our cups, check out our Youtube video here.

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