Substance abuse testing in correctional facilities is very important.  Police officers cannot always catch the exchange of contraband between prisoners and guards, or prisoners and visitors.  Sometimes the only way to know if a prisoner is doing drugs is on site testing.  Prisoners do not have the option of going to an offsite lab to get urine tested like you would for a job, so guards need to be able to test their prisoners right there.  Guards may also need to be tested right on the spot when in a jail setting.  Sometimes guards are the ones giving the dugs to the inmates, it is not always the visitors.  Guards for correctional facilities are supposed to remain drug free.  If a warden has been hearing things about a particular guard they can always call them into the office and require and on-site urine screen from them, rather than sending them to another facility to get one completed.  Our bulk, wholesale testing cups and strips may come in handy for occasions such as these.

Children’s and teenager’s correctional facilities

Another type of correctional facility that can use these types of tests is children’s incarceration facilities.  They, like jails, have the ability to bring in contraband.  Kids at these places are allowed out, it is not like they are in full jail.  Yes, they are kind of incarcerated, but some of these kids are being reintroduced into society and are allowed to go home for visits.  When they come back from these visits they are searched but that is not testing their systems for drugs that may have already been ingested.  Some of these kids are in these facilities for drug counseling, so they need to be drug tested.  Facilities like these can benefit greatly from the use of our bulk order testing cups and wholesale price testing strips.

Start testing

Anyone who runs any kind of these places should check out the products that we offer.  We have them at the lowest possible prices for the amounts that we are offering.  Our wholesale strips come in bulk amounts as well, and the best part is the more you order, the more you save.  Keep your facility safe and drug free by testing your workers and your inmates right on site.  Avoid having problems where inmates are falsely accusing guards of doing and supplying them with drugs to get them into trouble, because you have the ability to test everyone on site.

Use our drug testing cups

Our wholesale cups test for 12 different drugs; Amphetamine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Buprenorphine, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Methadone, Morphine, Oxycodone, Methamphetamine and Phencyclidine.  The cups are very easy to use and simple to read, plus they cannot be easily faked as they have a body temperature strip on them.  Our bulk cups do not test for alcohol or fentanyl, but we do have items that test for these substances as well.  We offer a bulk testing strip wholesale prices that can test your prisoners from fentanyl.  The best part is that you can use the strips and the cups at the same time!

Use our wholesale strip for alcohol

Sometimes drugs are not the issue.  Yes, drugs can seep their way into facilities like these but a lot of the time in house alcohol is made, especially in prisons.  Some of the guards should be tested for alcohol as well, since this job is definitely one of those that ends up causing a person to drink, which can affect job performance.  Our company has a wholesale, bulk testing strip for alcohol that is just as easily used as the other items that we offer.  It may not completely stop the in-house production of alcohol, but it may certainly make sure that your inmates and guards are a little more careful, which means they are more controlled, when using their illegal substances.

Correctional facilities can be dangerous places, keep the issues to a minimum

Correctional facilities are hard enough to work in without having a bunch of guards and inmates all hoped up on drugs and alcohol.  In a situation where the guards, or counselors, are working with children it can be exceptionally important to be aware of what is going to in your facility.  All of our bulk testing supplies can help you to complete this task.  Our wholesale strips and cups will help you to ensure that your facilities are compliant with state and federal regulations when it comes to employing people with drug and alcohol habits, and having inmates that have access to drugs.  The bulk supplies we offer are at the lowest possible, wholesale prices, and we even have a return policy that can’t be beat!  Keep your facility a safe place to work, order supplies today.