Debunk Common Myths About Drug Testing

You might have heard a lot about drug testing, but how much of that holds true? While, some people believe drug test cups are spot on all the time, whereas some believe marijuana stays in the body for a year. So, if you are also in the impression that work and safety are not related, continue reading debunk common myths about drug testing.

And, when the time arrives for employment drug testing, there are myriad of misconceptions and misunderstanding, for employer and employee. Below are some of the prevalent myths related to urine drug test cups.

Myth 1: Drinking Large Amount Of Water and Liquid Help You Pass Urine Test

As you know, your kidney perform the function of cleaning toxic compounds from your blood which is further removed through urinary bladder. So, drinking fluids is likely to dilute your urine, which makes it harder to detect drugs in the person’s urine. As, this concepts work well in theory, there are circumstances that arises and prevent this from becoming an unsuccessful method of passing a urine test.

Myth 2: Drugs Are The Only Reason To Cause Abnormal Color

Healthy people tend to have urine that is pale shade of yellow, but simultaneously there are lot of other factors that can result in abnormal color. In many of the cases, the changes are temporary. Some of the reason other then drug are:

  • Some foods can cause discoloration in person’s urine. They can be artificial coloring agents used in food as well as natural food. Some examples of food that causes abnormal color are food with high value of vitamin B, asparagus and carotene can cause urine color to be bright yellow.
  • Medical Background and Disease: If the urine color is murky or cloudy, it is suggesting a bladder or urinary tract infection. And, if the color is clear or dark brown it might be some liver infection.
  • In addition, there are several medications that make a person’s urine color differ from the usual color.
  • Vitamin supplement: There are several vitamins that cause a person’s urine color to become abnormal. Some of them inculcate vitamin B and vitamin C.

Myth 3: Urine Test Can Be Passed Using Store Bought Products Or Synthetic Urine

Without a doubt, one of the many reasons synthetic urine kit is so popular is that many people falsely believe that they will be able to pass the urine drug test successfully using fake urine. In addition to this, there are other methods people have attempted to cheat drug test is chugging pickle juice and sneaking the clear urine.

Even, if a person tries a hand on these methods, there is no surety that the sample provided will pass the test. Instead, a 12-panel urine drug test is reliable in detecting drug presence making them common to buy.

Myth 4: All Drugs Remain In The Body For Same Time

So, if you buy drug test in bulk, keep in mind the time of drug testing windows. As all the drugs which are screened for drug testing pass through urine at a different rate. The drugs for whom urine testing is done are alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and nicotine.

The perfect time at which the drug passes through a person’s system depends upon physical and biological factors. Urine drug test result is quite precise, and even if the effect of a drug is wearing off, still the presence of the drug can be detected. Whilst, some drugs stay in your body for 3 to 4 days, but marijuana can stay for more than 90 days in your body.

Myth 5: Every Drug Rely On Urine Sample

There are a lot of other options to detect drugs in your system other than urine testing. But, it’s affordability and easy to use nature makes it the perfect choice.

Other test includes hair follicles, saliva test, blood test. The exact test, a person will take depends on the myriad of options.

In The End…  These were some of the common myths about drug testing. And, remember there is no 100% more reliable option to beat a urine drug test from 12Panelnow, as they are good at picking abnormalities in person’s urine.

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