What is a corporation?

There are a number of different corporate businesses that are run all over the US as we speak.  These businesses are pretty much what generates a lot of the American economy.  Corporate businesses like McDonald’s, WalMart and Wendy’s are normally very big with drug and alcohol testing.  This is because to perform these jobs you need a certain level of clear headedness and everything you do can affect your performance, plus the safety of others. Corporate jobs normally are dealing with a very big customer service element and they also deal with money quite bit.  Places like corporations test their employees in order to determine if they are staying on the straight and narrow like they are supposed to.

Why do employees need to be drug free?

Some businesses, like McDonald’s, need their employees to be clean.  This is for the safety of all other employees in the business.  A lot of these workers end up working with slightly dangerous tools and in different situations.  People who are working in corporate food situations are normally working with sharp implements like knives and slicers, fryers and grills.   Food places are not the only places where employees should undergo testing in the corporate World, there are a number of other places that people should be tested.

Not all corporations deal with everyday people

Not all corporate business are fast food places or department stores.  Some big corporations where people sit in offices all day need to utilize drug testing too.  Some people have a tendency to think this is a joke, but if you think about it, it’s not.  People who work at corporations and businesses where you sit down and work on the computer all day sometimes play a very big role in our everyday lives and we don’t even realize it.  You wouldn’t want the Comcast Billing Rep that you have called to mistakenly put in that you’re going to be pay a bill of $600 when you had only planned to pay $300, and this is where drug testing can be very important.  People who work in these positions need to be clear and level headed.  They also need to be very aware of their actions and think about what they do because they could affect the lives of others.

Big business corporations

Some corporate places deal with customer accounts and a large amount of money, like big business money.  The people who work in these places need to be free of drugs completely.  If they are not they can affect the lives of quite a few people, and mess up money for bigger businesses.  The worst part is, the more money someone makes at a corporation like this, the more tempted they may be to get into drugs and alcohol.  There needs to be something that corporations can do in order to make sure that their employees stay on the straight and narrow path, so that they are good for their businesses and do not cost them money or clients.  Fortunately for these companies, there is something that they can do.

Stop drug use in your company with strips and cups

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Costs to drug test your employees

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