There are a huge number of manufacturing jobs all over the World. Normally these jobs deal with a lot of dangerous and heavy machinery. Sometimes there are other issues that come with manufacturing jobs. Some of them require the use of extreme heat or extreme cold. These can be dangerous elements in and of themselves. Workplaces have a lot of safety standards that normally need to be followed and one of those is normally a drug screen prior to employment. Sometimes people get hurt in positions like these. This is simply because they do work with all kinds of machinery. Most workplaces have insurance to cover these kinds of incidents, however, only if a urine screen is given and passed with flying colors. A workplace having a bulk amount of drug and alcohol testing supplies might not be such a bad idea for some of these companies.

Drug testing at your company

Odds are, if you are running a manufacturing plant, you drug test your employees prior to employment and randomly through the year. You also may hear about people having or doing drugs, which will require testing as well. Most companies send their employees to an outside source and have to pay per employee, per drug test, which is not normally cheap. All these issues can be avoided and you can drug test all of your employees right in-house. Having your own drug testing supplies at your place of employment might not be super official, but it can cause an employer enough worry to spend the money to send their employee for further testing. Think of it as preliminary testing.

People getting hurt

Sometimes people get hurt at your factory, but it does not seem bad enough for a hospital visit. If your employee is refusing to go to the doctor within 24 hours of being injured at your place of employment then on-site drug testing supplies may come in handy. Our company can help you out with that. We provide bulk drug testing supplies at wholesale prices. No matter how small, if your employee gets injured at work then you will have supplies on hand to determine if you need to send them for further testing at a testing facility or hospital. This could save your company hundreds, even millions in compensation and benefits.

Drug testing supplies cheap

We offer CLIA approved drug testing cups in bulk at wholesale prices, as cheap as you can possibly get them. We stand behind our guaranteed product and will exchange or refund any of our twelve panel cups that seem to be faulty. These wholesale cups do not cost a lot and are very accurate. They come equipped with a locking lid and body heat sensor strip on the cup. This will help you to make sure that your employee is not faking the test out. In addition to these testing cups we also offer a five-panel cup, fentanyl testing strips and alcohol testing strips. All of these bulk items can come in very handy in a very immediate situation.

Have you heard things about your employees?

Sometimes employees run their mouths about other employees. Sometimes these accusations are simply not true, but sometimes they are warranted. Employers sometimes have an issue when they cannot determine which one of their employees they are able to believe. This is where these supplies can come in very handy. At a manufacturing job you need to be awake and safe. You need to not be stumbling around with slow reaction time, or bouncing around and acting a fool. You need to be very clear-headed so that you do not hurt others or yourself. If a place of employment hears something about an employee, they are obliged to at least check it out, for the safety of the other employees. Our twelve panel tests and fentanyl strips can be a huge help when it comes to determining if someone is a danger to the other employees in your workplace.


If you are an employer at a manufacturing company of any kind then you should check out our site at 12panelnow.com. You may be pleasantly surprised at the prices you will find for all of the bulk testing materials that we offer. We offer cups in several different bulk amounts at several low, wholesale prices, to accommodate any size company. It is our goal to provide you quality products in order to save your company as much money as possible. You can use our tests as a preliminary test, before you send an employee to take an actual test. $1.99 per test is a lot less expensive than paying $50 for the visit and additional for the test.