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Adulterated Specimens

Adulterants in Drug Testing

If you have ever been in the position to evaluate a Urine Drug Test, you certainly understand the need for interpreting clear and accurate results.  Some have experienced subtle flukes in the process,  variations in the color of the sample, or perhaps a suspiciously cool temperature. This can happen when the donor attempts to falsify their urine drug test results, hoping to produce a negative reading.

Unfortunately, cheating a drug test can prove disastrous for those involved.  However, it’s important to learn how to spot adulterated urine tests and understand how to move forward from it. There are a variety of reasons why individuals would try and falsify test results.

Perhaps they are either looking to attain a new avenue of employment.  Maybe they are looking to fulfill probation requirements.  No one wishes to have their jobs compromised or their probation period extended. However, test administrators, they must evaluate urine drug test results, it is important to be cognizant of the different methods that some individuals use to falsify drug tests. Adulterants in Drug Testing

Why Falsify Drug Tests

There are several different reasons that people falsify a negative test result for their urine specimen.  Undoubtedly, if they are assigned to take a urine screen for a job interview they desire to make a good impression.

A negative test result may stand in the way of their much-needed employment. Or perhaps, someone may be assigned to take a urine drug screen due to their probation requirements.  The consequences of failing a urine drug test for someone who is on probation may be more severe than a pre-employment screening.

Serving additional time, or perhaps extended sentencing may be the penalties.  It is for these reasons why adulterants in drug testing have become so important.

How Does One Falsify a Drug Test?

There are quite a few ways that people have been known to fake urine screens.  For starters, some have been known to dilute their own urine, which is normally indicated when the sample appears almost completely clear, resulting in an inconclusive test result.

Also, some have been known to add to their urine sample once diluted.  Some have added a medication, while others have added vitamin B, concluding that it can trick the test into a negative reading. This, however, is untrue.  The drugs within the human body that the urine tests are designed to detect have already been metabolized at this point.

Adding things to the urine sample, whether it be vitamin B or additional medications, may not yield any reading, or, it may read off the charts. Both results would be evaluated and undoubtedly considered inconclusive resulting in the candidate having to retake their exam – perhaps under supervision.  For those who bring synthetic urine or another person’s urine, the incorrect temperature can identify the test as inconclusive as well.

Can You Really Cheat a Drug Test?Preventing Doctored Urine Samples

There are several ways that one can determine if a urine sample is authentic or not.  The first indication, though obvious, is the temperature of the sample should undoubtedly be warm – around normal body temperature (98.6°F)

Additionally, a tampered sample may appear to be 100% clear which is unusual even with someone who has claimed to be an avid water consumer. It’s important to remember, this is actual human waste coming from the human body, containing sodium, potassium, and other dissolved compounds.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult to thoroughly examine every single specimen visually, which emphasizes the importance of a fast and reliable drug test.

We’re Here to Help!

At 12panelnow.com we offer bulk testing supplies at low, wholesale prices.  Our tests are reliable and accurate, equipped with measures that indicate that samples are being tampered with or falsified, helping you prevent falsified test samples.  Our 12 Panel cups have a body temperature strip located right on their side that can help you determine if the sample you have just collected is authentic.

Our bulk testing cups are 99.9% accurate and come with a locking lid to prevent leakage and specimen contamination.   All of our bulk testing supplies, the testing cups, and strips, come in safety sealed packaging where they are to remain until usage. This is to prevent any kind of contamination that may occur.  12 Panel Now offers bulk testing strips for fentanyl, alcohol, and more.  All of our supplies come at wholesale pricing.

Can a Drug Test Detect False Urine?

The 12 Panel urine drug test kit with adulterants is one of the most cost-effective drug screening solutions available. In addition to detecting up to 12 different drugs of abuse in human urine, it also screens for three adulterants – Creatinine, Specific Gravity, and pH. Adulterants in drug testing can help identify any manipulation or tampering done to a urine specimen. It minimizes false-negative results due to tampering. 

The Three Adulterants(ADLTX) Included In This Drug Test

  • Creatinine (CRE)Creatinine concentrations below 45 mg/dL are used as a determinant if certain urine samples have been physiologically or non-physiologically diluted and if a corresponding negative drug result is valid.
  • Specific Gravity (SG) – Along with creatinine levels, specific gravity identifies any dilution of the urine specimen.
  • pH – Helps detect high PH or acidic adulterants in the urine specimen

12 Panel Now offers Drug Tests in Bulk, or for single use. If you are concerned about how someone will fare on a Drug Test, or simply wish to test yourself, it’s a fairly easy process taking only a few minutes.  Our Single Use 12 Panel Urine Drug Test tests for 12 commonly abused drugs.  Each Test cup also contains a built-in temperature strip that is used to authenticate the donor’s urine. After the donor seals the urine in the leak-proof container, it is then handed off to the evaluator.

What makes the process streamlined is that the strips used to indicate the test results are sealed within the container.  For hygiene reasons, this is ideal. When it is time to view the test results, the evaluator simply peels away the outside label revealing the drug test strips with each result. The test results within the Drug Test will show results within a few minutes.  Results should be evaluated within 5-8 minutes. Results should not be evaluated after 1o minutes.

The 12 Panel Drug Testing Kits are designed to detect 12 of the most abused and commonly used drugs. However, depending on your needs, you can purchase other kits that test for different drugs.  For instance, the 13 Panel Drug Testing Cup includes all the same drugs tested within a 12 Panel Drug Test with the drug Fentanyl (FYL) drug.

There are also variants of the typical 12 Panel Drug Test that include phencyclidine or PCP drugs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our product or wish to place an order, feel free to call us at (888) 936-6627

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