How To Implement Your Workplace Drug Testing Program

Implementing Drug Testing Program

Drug Testing Programs

Drug testing programs are fast becoming an integral part of company procedures around the world for those. Who are concerned about the overall safety and functionality of their business operations. This is definitely a big step however nonetheless important. This may be a big step for certain employers.  However, choosing to implement these Drug Testing Programs may seem to challenge at first.  However, the benefits outweigh the cost.

How so?

There are many positives that stem from a solid workplace testing program.

Company CEO’s and Upper Management can achieve a new peace of mind, work productivity will go up. Workplace safety will undoubtedly increase – to mention a few.  Where should you begin?

You may want to consider implementing a company-wide Drug Testing Policy for starters.

Why Have a Drug-Free Work Policy?

If you are owning and operating a Small Business, (Like many othersThere are 30.2 million small businesses in this country. Small businesses comprise 99.9% of all United States businesses) You’ll likely agree. That part of the appeal of a small business is the family-run feeling that consumers know and love.  Of course, in certain circumstances, the family-run mentality may take place on the sales floor as well as the workplace infrastructure resulting in lax policies or lack thereof.

Small Business owners value and respect their workers – sometimes employing these diligent individuals for decades.  However, the likelihood of Drug Abuse affecting small businesses in some capacity whether now, or in the future seems to be only a matter of time.

Given the nature of how closely people work together in small businesses. If an employee faces an issue with substance abuse, it would go easier. iI the company has a written Drug Abuse policy to fall back on.

Employers are responsible for providing a workplace with safe and healthy working conditions.  Part of that workplace safety may mean implementing stern policies that ensure employees are provided an area. Where they can work comfortably and maintain focus on their tasks.

The Drug-Free Workplace Program

As we wrote in our blog about drug testing laws in Florida, companies are required to test their employees under a few conditions:

  • Reasonable Suspicion – If the employer observes any abnormal behavior or suspicious activity.  Also, this could be a response based on a report of drug use
  • Post-Rehabilitation – the employee returns to work after completing rehabilitation based on drug abuse in the past. A test is not required if the employee entered rehab voluntarily, rather than after a positive result.
  • A Routine fitness-for-duty Medical Examination -this is a medical examination of a current employee to determine whether they are physically and psychologically able to perform the job
  • Post Accident – this is conducted after a workplace accident.  This test will help shed light on whether drug use was a determining factor leading to the accident.

If you are a Company Owner, maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace is it’s own reward – providing not only peace of mind for yourself and your employees but saving you thousands of untold costs in liability. You may even be eligible for a discount on your Workmans Comp – if applicable.

Empowering yourself and your staff to take on Drug Testing procedures is important to the success of your business.  However, it’s just as important to know when to test.

Use Certified Collectors

When implementing your Workplace Drug Program, you must choose a licensed collector to have the most accurate and reliable results for the test samples. Seek recommendations, or search online to find the most efficient certified collectors near you to expedite the process for quick results. It is noteworthy that urine samples, if not preserved in instructed conditions, can be rendered useless if instructions aren’t followed. So be wary of all the risks involved with the entire process of drug collection. Maintain high standards to gain the confidence of job aspirants.

When Should You Test?

Pre-employment Drug Test – After offering candidate employment with your company, this would be an ideal time to initiate a Drug Testing procedure.

When Your Employee Shows Signs of Abuse – If you suspect your employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work, you may want to submit a random Drug Test procedure.  It’s important to be fair, and discreet – you wouldn’t want your employee to accuse you of anything discriminatory.

After an Employee Suffers an On-site Accident – In order to save the company from any liability, as well as furthering the understanding of what went wrong in the first place, you may want to submit your employee to a drug test within 24 hours of the accident.  This can also minimize any negative attention that may fall on the company as far as the accusation of negligence.

Certainly, there are more reasons for Drug Test employees at the workplace than not.  Common Drug Tests are costly, especially those that are available at local stores, where is the

What Kind of Drug Test Should I Use?

For the most common methods of drug screening, companies will require a urine sample from the candidate.  They may use a Standard 8 Panel Urine Drug Test.  This tests for drugs that are of most concern when it comes to those who are involved in drug abuse.  If you purchase from a larger distributor you can save a considerable amount, as opposed to buying one from a pharmacy.  The substances the 8 Panel Urine Drug Test identifies are:

These Drug Testing Cups are the fastest and most accurate way to determine if an employee is involved in non-medical or recreational drug use at the workplace.  The results can be interpreted within 5 minutes or less. For sterile purposes, the cups are manufactured with a leak-proof container. The testing strips are located inside the cups.  So after the donor seals the cup, there is no need for anyone to reopen it as the test results are clearly indicated on the strips inside, visible from the outside label.

What Does Drug Testing Accomplish?

As mentioned, testing for drug abuse in the workplace can be used to either qualify or disqualify a potential candidate for employment.  However, it can also be used for legal purposes as well.  It can be the determining factor in investigations as well as shed light on vehicular accidents.  In today’s world, many have utilized Drug Tests to screen individuals hired for childcare and other sensitive positions where sobriety is essential.

Parents have also, in turn, used these tests to identify sobriety in their own teenage youngsters.  One of the many advantages of what Drug Testing accomplishes is the fast and reliable results provided.  Single-use Tests can be purchased at 12 Panel Now, for just a few dollars, however, for those who require these products in bulk, they can expect to pay wholesale pricing for larger orders.

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