Drug testing supplies in pharmacies?

Pharmacies can benefit big time from drug testing supplies being order in bulk.  Some people who use drugs may want to check their urine before they are sent to take an official urine screen.  Some people may be dealing with children or adult drug addicts that need help to stay clean.  It does not matter what their reasons are, sometimes everyday people need to purchase drug testing supplies.  If the courts, jails and probations places are the only places that have access to such supplies it would be an unfair market.  This is where drugstores and pharmacies come in handy.

Order supplies in bulk, then upcharge

Everyone knows that this is how business works.  The more supplies you order the cheaper they should be.  That is how our company works.  The more cups that you order the better price that you can get them at.  The same goes for our bulk, wholesale orders of drug testing strips.  You can purchase these orders in bulk and then break them down to redistribute them.  If you purchase enough of our products you can get the cups as low as $1.99 per cup.  Those prices are insane when you consider that most drugstores do not sell drugs testing supplies for less than $7.99, and the more drugs the tests looks for the more expensive it is.  At prices this low you can at least afford to try a bulk order of 25 cups, which will get you each cup for about $3.99.  Even if you would sell them at $7.99 a piece that is a $4.00 profit.  It seems like you wouldn’t have that much to lose.

The strips

Another product that our company offers is pregnancy, fentanyl and alcohol strips.  These are also offered in bulk at wholesale prices.  These strips are very easy to use and very easy to read.  You could even sell them in little bulk kits and still make your money back plus profit a bit.  With the heroine epidemic that has been going around lately, fentanyl strips may be the only accurate way of testing if someone is doing “heroine” now-a-days.  This is because most of what is being called heroine is actually fentanyl, which is cheaper, but easier to overdose on.  If you are in an area that is very highly impacted by this sort of thing, you may want to offer these types of strips in your store.

Other means of use

Another way that you can use these bulk, wholesale testing supplies is for your employees.  People in pharmacies work around all sorts of drugs all day long, pills are bound to go missing every now and again.  One way that a pharmacy can make sure that their workers are on the up-and-up, plus save a little bit of money by not sending employees to a lab, is buying these wholesale cups and strips in bulk.  You can test your employees right on site if you have any reason to fear that they may be stealing drugs of any kind, which is a more common occurrence than you’d think it would be.

Our supplies are guaranteed

If you purchase our supplies and you, or your customers, seem to keep getting faulty tests, send your order right back to us.  We will immediately get you a new order or get your money returned to you provided we get the shipment back as described.  Our testing supplies may be cheaper, but that does not mean that they are faulty or cheaply made.  We stand behind our products to the fullest extent and are happy that we can offer these supplies at such low prices.

Trust issues

It does not matter whether you cannot trust your workers, or whether you are selling these supplies to customers and turning a profit, we are sure that you will be happy with our bulk testing supplies.  We are delighted to offer our bulk cups and bulk strips at the lowest possible wholesale prices that you can find anywhere.  We want you to trust in our company and our products, and we want to give you the ability to purchase our products in bulk as cheaply as you are able to.  Check out our site at 12panelnow for further information about our bulk drug testing supplies.