You mean not all government agencies are full of addicts?

There is a long-standing joke, ever since the arrest of some popular people in politics that all people in politics are drugs addicts.  When you think about it is really everyone is addicted to something, as even televisions, video games and sex can all also be addictions, but illegal drugs are some of the worst addictions to have.  Government employees are meant to help the common people.  This is something they cannot do if they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Government employees serve a number of different functions, from the local welfare caseworker to the President, they are all government employees and they should all be held to a higher standard than regular citizens.

Drug testing for government employees

Every government employee has to undergo drug testing at the beginning of their hiring process.  This is to make sure that these government hires are not taking illegal drugs in any way, because it can affect the way that they perform their job functions, but normally after hiring it is too much of a hassle to send employees for drug tests.  It can also get extremely expensive and very time consuming.  In order to do an out of house drug test, an employer has to pay an outside testing laboratory, plus give their employee the time off to go take this test.  Sometimes companies even pay for their employees to undergo these tests since they are a job requirement.  It would be so much easier if employers were able to test on-site, and now they can.


It can cost quite a bit of money to send employees to an outside source to have testing complete, so why waste the money? 12panelnow offers bulk testing cups and strips at low, wholesale prices to suit all your drug testing needs.  Why spend thousands of taxpayer’s dollars a year having government workers tested for drugs at outside locations?  Start doing in house drug testing and cut your costs by at least two-thirds.

Our testing supplies

Our supplies are sealed to make sure that they remain uncontaminated until their use.  Our bulk order testing cups are also available as cheaply as $1.99 per test when you buy our largest bulk order of them.  Our strips come at very fair, low, wholesale prices as well.  All of our products are easy to read and very simple to use.  Each package comes with very clear instructions on the use of the product, and it will ensure that you no longer have to give more than two-day notice for a test.  The best part is, you have the ability to spend less than what you are spend right now to outsource this kind of service.

We stand behind our products

We fully stand behind all of our products and will happily accept a return on any items that are deemed faulty or that do not work correctly.  If you have purchase an order from us and keep getting tests that are having issues please call us immediately for return shipping and order replacement or refund information.  We hope that you understand that any company can have an issue with a product being sent out that may not work as described all the time, but our company will be more than happy to fix any situation like this that may end up arising.  We want you to be happy with our company and consistently come back for more supplies, we are not here to mess anyone around.

Government workers

Government workers can be some of the most important people in our society today.  They should not be at work all hopped up on drugs or any kind of alcohol.  Citizens should be able to feel safe in the hands of the people that are supposed to be taking care of them.  Make sure that your clients feel like they do not have to worry about the competency of your workers.  Government agencies are far too important to common people for simple mess ups from workers that may be getting high.  People’s entire lives can be changed just because of one worker.  Make sure this doesn’t happen in the government office that you run.  Go to 12panelnow and check out everything they have to offer.  They have a bunch of different bulk options at great low, wholesale prices.  Keep your workplace and everyday citizens safe by in house testing your workers for drugs and alcohol.