How Decisive Are Urine Drug Tests For Pre-Employment Screening?

Companies are fast becoming stringent to screen and filter the right kind of candidates in to meet their business needs. However, a mistake here and there, and you lose the standing in front of the applicants. Confused? Here we are talking about the most commonly used urine drug tests that most companies conduct to chase down the best people for the jobs.

Whilst you’re filtering down the credentials, drug tests remain a focal point to make a resounding hiring decision for your company. In fact, there have been many studies supporting the effectiveness and specificity of urine drug tests before stamping the employment. But then there is other side to it where some opportunist applicants trick their prospective employers and manipulate the drug test results in their favour.

So, while you’re gloating over your urine drug testing program, there is need to  take a pause and review the growing prevalence for sneaky ways to fool around the employers. Instead of turning blind eye to them, it is imperative to acknowledge them and find combative ways to root out such unethical practices.

Regardless, there is a self-assured section claiming that it is not easy to tamper with the urine screen since the integrity of the sample urine is verified beforehand. Such attempts will turn futile as the drug tests turn inconclusive. So the culprit either will be rejected or would have to reappear again for the drug test.

Is Urine Drug Test The Only Option?

There has been growing contention to find alternatives to urine drug tests in companies despite of all the self-proclaimed confidence. It took some time but the emergence of saliva and hair test is duly backed by law enforcement agencies. Often, the intrusive nature of urine drug tests has been a mooting point for employees as well as employers. In such case, these alternatives are well received, though its authenticity is yet to be cemented in the general parlance of corporate fraternity.

So if you wish to beat out all such reservations for urine drug tests, follow the following tips to get over all the hurdles and embrace coherence:

  • Uniform employee training:There must be a comprehensive pre-employment program developed with well laid down training instructions for all the involved. It will ensure that there is no information discrepancy and less chances of human error.
  • Full compliance to local & state laws: Laws continue to change and as a responsible part of the society, companies must be aware of every minor edits made in the laws. Inadequate information could only result in unwarranted exhaustion of value organizational resources.
  • Proper planning: The success of urine drug tests is not limited to mere the administration. In fact, it begins with patient planning to incorporate all the integral elements to achieve proper pre-employment drug testing program.
  • Leadership support: You need to have the backing of the leadership in order to pursue the drug testing programs with complete conviction. Any and all sorts of challenges are handled well if you have got the crucial stakeholders in confidence.

These are just few of the essentials that make for a successful and consolidated drug testing program for your organization. However, cases differ across industries. So you have to be armed with all the pertinent information to support the success of urine drug tests for pre-employment screening.

In the end …

Whilst it is good to be confident, take all the necessary precautions to ensure sustainable success of urine drug tests in your company. Order online FDA approved urine drug test kits in quantity of your choice for best results.

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