How Effective Are EtG Strips? What the Science Says

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In a recent alcohol abuse study, nearly 26% of adult respondents reported binge drinking in the past month. Binge drinking usually occurs when a woman consumes more than four drinks, or a man consumes more than five drinks in two hours.

Other studies show that 70% of individuals who abuse substances remain employed. Most of these individuals are binge drinkers.

In fact, about 14% of the population meets the criteria for alcohol abuse. Yet, only about 8% of those individuals seek treatment.

As an employer, it’s essential that you prevent problems with alcohol abuse from transferring to the workplace. EtG test strips can help you to do just that.

Keep reading to learn more about the effectiveness of EtG strips.

Keeping the Workplace Safe

It’s unsettling how often substance abuse carries over into the workplace. As a result, many employers assess employees for substance abuse. This practice helps them to keep employees safe and evaluate a company’s liability for substance abuse-related threats.

Often, there’s a higher presence of substance abuse in blue-collar jobs. The risk of substance abuse is particularly high for jobs that are more dangerous or stressful. In many cases, employees seek relief using self-medication for jobs where depression, fear, fatigue, or shame are common.

You can protect your employees and your business from the dangers of alcohol abuse by performing EtG testing.

What Is an EtG Test?

An EtG urine test evaluates a sample of an employee’s urine. It detects the presence of ethyl glucuronide (EtG) in the body.

Ethyl glucuronide is a byproduct of ethanol. It forms in an individual who consumes alcohol.

An EtG test kit includes test strips and a drug test cup. They’re easy to use and deliver fast, accurate results.

How Sensitive Are EtG Tests?

An EtG test strip is very effective and quite sensitive. Often, an employer will use an EtG test along with other testing methods.

Employers commonly use EtG tests in fields such as healthcare, public safety, and transportation. Even the smallest amount of exposure to alcohol can result in a positive result during an EtG test.

The test will detect ethyl glucuronide for up to 80 hours after consumption. This is an important distinction from a standard alcohol test.

Are EtG Tests Accurate?

Compared to a standard alcohol test, an EtG test can detect alcohol more accurately. EtG only becomes present in the body after an individual consumes alcohol.

It’s important to purchase the right drug test kit for your needs. Some jobs require complete abstinence from alcohol. This kind of test is ideal for companies with a zero-tolerance alcohol policy.

The criminal justice system and rehabilitation programs use EtG testing for this reason. Likewise, they prove useful in DUI court cases, custody battles, and cause-of-death legal matters.

Employers can also use an EtG test kit to monitor compliance with alcohol treatment programs. An EtG test can also serve as a way to detect alcohol relapse.

Benefits of EtG Strips

People can excrete ethanol in several ways. For instance, they might excrete 5% to 10% of ethanol in their body through breath, urine, or sweat.

Again, someone can also excrete ethanol in the form of ethyl glucuronide (EtG). An individual’s metabolism can also excrete ethanol in the form of acetaldehyde. They may also excrete ethyl sulfate after consuming alcohol.

They’d excrete these compounds during urination. In most cases, however, these products are only detectable for a brief period, except for EtG.

The EtG Advantage

Traditional alcohol tests for alcohol include breath, saliva, and standard urine testing. During these assessments, employers test for ethanol. However, EtG tests look specifically for the presence of ethyl glucuronide.

There’s an advantage when testing for EtG rather than ethanol. When EtG metabolizes, it breaks down without oxidizing. In this way, EtG alcohol test detection time is much longer compared to ethanol.

Today, it’s also important to think about the safety of those who are performing tests. An EtG test kit is an excellent way to minimize contact during drug testing.

Performing an EtG Test

To perform an EtG assessment, you’d begin by removing the test strips from a sealed pouch or canister. It’s important to use the test as soon as possible.

Ideally, you’ll want to perform the test within an hour. Also, you should close the canister tightly after removing the alcohol EtG test strips.

Now, you’ll hold the alcohol urine test strips at the end with the product logo to prevent contamination. It’s important not to touch the strip membrane.

While holding the strip vertically, dip it in the urine specimen for 10 to 15 seconds. However, it’s important not to immerse the test strip past the indicated maximum (MAX) line.

Once this time has passed, you can remove the alcohol strip from the specimen and let it rest on a nonabsorbent surface. You can read the results after waiting five minutes. However, it’s important not to wait longer than 10 minutes to read the results from the strip.

Reading the Results

The strip will provide one of three results—positive, negative, or invalid.

If an employee tests positive for EtG, only one colored band will appear. You’ll see a band in the control (C) region. However, you will not see a band in the test (T) region.

If an employee tests negative for EtG, two colored bands will appear on the test strip membrane. One band will appear in the control (C) region and the other in the test (T) region.

Finally, if a test is invalid, a band will fail to appear in the control (C) region. If a band does not appear in the control (C) region, discard it immediately. You must review the testing procedure and test again when this happens.

Workplace Testing Policies

If your company performs EtG tests, it’s important to mention it in your company’s drug testing policy. You must also educate your employees about the risks of incidental alcohol exposure.

It’s also a good idea to provide them with a list of items that could expose them to alcohol. It’s also important that they understand that the list you provide is not a complete listing of all items that can cause alcohol exposure.

It helps to understand that EtG testing is much more sensitive compared to standard alcohol testing. As a result, you’re more likely to see positive test results when performing this kind of test. Also, EtG testing will detect exposure for 4 to 5 days rather than 8 to 12 hours as with ethanol testing.

What EtG Testing Is Not

EtG testing cannot tell you whether an employee is impaired by alcohol. It also cannot tell you if an employee is currently intoxicated.

In most states, you can only use a blood, saliva, urine, or breath test to determine intoxication. In California, you can only use a urine test for this purpose.

Limitations of EtG Testing

EtG results directly from the metabolic process of ethanol. The detection of EtG in urine is a very specific process.

Again, EtG only occurs when ethanol is present. A positive test for EtG indicates that someone has ethanol in their system.

However, the test can only detect alcohol in urine for up to 80 hours. After 80 hours, an EtG test cannot detect the presence of alcohol.

Also, an EtG test cannot help an employer determine the difference between alcohol consumption and abuse. Again, however, an EtG test is ideal for companies with a zero-tolerance alcohol consumption policy.

It’s also perfect for testing for alcohol recovery compliance. In addition, you’ll find that EtG test strips are an excellent option for companies that are rethinking their substance abuse testing policies and want to minimize exposure to potential pathogens.

Where Can I Buy an EtG Alcohol Test?

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