How To Improvise Your Drug Testing Program?

Drug testing programs are fast becoming an integral part of companies around the world. If you’re serious to bring more coherence in the functioning of a safe and effective workplace, then this blog needs all your attention.

For companies operating in the industry for years are well versed with the prevailing flaws in the system. However, you shouldn’t let it dampen your spirit and instead diligently pursue corrective measures to reaffirm the necessity of drug testing programs.

Without much wait, lets get on to find the steps needed to improve the drug testing programs for your company:

  • Certified Collectors

Accept and affirm the sensitivity of drug test collection for if not handled well, it can be detrimental for the employers. Choose a licensed collector to have most accurate and reliable results for the test samples. Seek recommendations, or search online to find the most efficient certified collectors neat you to expedite the process for quick results. Not to forget, urine samples if not preserved in instructed conditions can turn useless for authentic results. So be wary of all the risks involved with the entire process of drug collection. Maintain high standards to gain the confidence of job aspirants.

  • Consistent Drug Policy

There is absolutely nothing you can do without having a consolidated drug test policy in place. If you have been following half-baked rules so far, it is a wake up call. Any sort of ambiguity in the prevailing rules and regulations could have severe impact on the end results. It be noted that insufficient information amongst the employees could result in flawed drug tests which can only exhaust your valuable resources. So do not tread the thin line and instead cement the ground for your employees to follow. Also, if your staff does not demonstrate consistency in performing the drug tests, it only leaves the applicants confused and dent their confidence about the corporate culture. Better would be to have consolidated training program to inculcate the right skills amongst all the employees.

  • Adhere to Uniformity

Most companies pursue pre-employment drug tests but lack the tendency to pursue them further. For instance, if any candidate has been tested negative after a couple of attempts, it raises a red flag to follow up. Instead of sitting in complacency, it is time to jump into action and incorporate regular checks in the existing system. Also, if the management shows lack of seriousness, then employees are likely to take them for granted and may not think twice to flout the rules. If there is reasonable doubt on drug consumption, do not hesitate on making new rules since the situation calls for it. Often, it has been seen employees resorting on drugs or alcohol due to personal issues. So, it is the utmost duty of the HR to keep a close check on the staff members and their interpersonal behavior to reevaluate their decision on pre-employment drug testing programs.

In the end …

If you are up to take up the growing challenges that come along with a drug-free workplace, then you need to prune the existing rules and regulations. Evading drug laws has been a pet peeve of most employers but it can be put on check with stringent revisions as the situation demands.

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