How Can You Ensure a Safe Work Environment?

How Can You Ensure a Safe Work Environment?

A Safe Work Environment

One of the main goals of any successful employer is to provide a safe and productive work environment for the entirety of their staff.  When an employee is unable to perform his or her duties due to the conditions of the workplace, it becomes not only an issue for the employee but the company as a whole.

Every working American has a right to a safe and healthy work environment.  However, when the company has an issue with broken machinery, hazardous material or any other conditions that will make the work environment unsafe, this qualifies as an unsafe work environment.

Of course, the employer’s responsibilities dictated under OSHA’s requirements are clear when it comes to workplace safety.

What are the Employer’s Responsibilities?

OSHA holds employers to a high standard and requires them to do the following:

  • Provide properly serviced equipment

  • A warning system to alert employees of hazards

  • Post OSHA posters in prominent locations

  • Retain records of incidents

  • Continual inspection of the workplace to stay in compliance with OSHA regulations

There is another aspect to workplace safety that is essential to not only the environment but productivity as well.  This is something that has a deep effect on the workplace environment, as well as the morale of staff.

Employee Sobriety

When an employee is under the influence of any substance, this can cause disastrous effects for both the company and its interests.  How so? comments on a NACI statistic involving the impact of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.  According to that information, employees who are suffering from the effects of Drug and Alcohol abuse are:

  • Are far less productive.

  • Use three times as many sick days.

  • Are more likely to injure themselves or someone else.

  • Are five times more likely to file a worker’s compensation claim.

    As an employer, this may be difficult for some to face.  In the past, certain positions would require an Etg Alcohol Test for those who are in special fields of work.  Today, it is almost expected in fields that are related to public safety, transportation or specialty trade industries to require more than just an Etg alcohol test.  Now, applicants, as well as current employees, can expect to pass a more thorough test.  A Multi-panel or hair follicle drug test would likely be the choice for some.  Why such an emphasis on employee sobriety?

Why is Drug Testing Important?

Though there are countless substances that are currently being abused in the United States, alcohol abuse is one of the categories that are noteworthy with regard to how it affects workplaces.  High-pressure positions with long work hours have been associated with individuals who consume harmful levels of daily alcohol consumption.  However when it comes to the question of how this is affecting businesses, why is offering a drug test, (or an EtG alcohol test) so important? mentions:

Employees with an alcohol use disorder miss on average 34% more days than other workers and are more likely to experience a workplace injury.

They also go on to mention the liklihood of being laid off is also higher with those who have an alcohol disvcorder.  When your employees are active in this kind of substance use, this can obviously have an increasing negative affect on the company’s reputation but also increases the danger of lessening the company’s profit.

Lower productivity is one another big drawback of drug addict employees at the workplace. Also, for a safe work environment and to avoid workers’ compensation claims, a drug test is critical.

Types of Drug Tests

Though Alcohol Abuse is certainly a devastating problem affecting many individuals, there are man other substances that are being abused every day.  Though an Alcohol Etg Test is great when testing sobriety with regards to alcohol consumption, there are other ways to effectively screen individuals.  Employers may choose to test via blood tests, hair tests, or oral fluid,  but the most popular testing method is a urine test.  This is undoubtedly due to easy of use and time efficiency.

You can purchase drug test strips in bulk to use in your organization. It is available in various types. You can use a 12-panel drug test cup to identify marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and Phencyclidine use.

What Are  ETG Alcohol Test Strips?

ETG alcohol urine test strips are usually sold in packs of 50 strips. This provides users an easy and quick way to detect alcohol consumption.

ETG, Ethyl Glucuronide are conjugated ethanol metabolites that can be found in the body after alcohol consumption. These test strips are used to detect alcohol in urine. It shows results in as little as 5 minutes.

It can be used in a situation where zero level tolerance to alcohol consumption is imposed, in certain professional places, during driving, etc. ETG can be detectable through urine even though the last dose was taken 2-3 days back.

Procedure for using ETG Alcohol Test Strips:

  1. First, remove the strip from the pouch and use it without any delay. For best results, use it within an hour of alcohol consumption.
  2. You need to hold the strip by the end. Avoid touching the strip membrane.
  3. Dip the test strip in the urine and wait for at least 10-15 seconds.
  4. After performing the test, place the strip on a non-absorbent flat surface. Now start times and wait for the colored band to appear. It will show the result in five minutes, do not interpret the results after this time period.

How to Prepare for Urine Testing?

  • Read instructions written on the urine test kit carefully. It should be your prime task before taking the samples from your employees.
  • Make sure the testee drinks a lot of fluids that can include milk, juice, water. You can have two or more glasses of fluid for better results.
  • You don’t need to fast or compromise with your diet on the day of the test. Just make sure the donor drinks plenty of water. It is one of the less-expensive and successful ways to get a false negative report. Also, take the medical history of the testee into consideration.
  • So don’t hesitate to test your employees before giving them a job. It is crucial for the overall business growth. The safe and positive work environment motivates the employee to do their best and contribute to financial profits.

We’re  Here to Help!

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