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The Nation’s Cheapest Supplier of Drug Testing Cups

12 Panel Now: The Nations Best Supplier of Drug Testing Cups

We’re 12 Panel Now, the nations leading supplier of medical supplies, specializing in Urine Drug Testing Cups.  We’re happy to announce many of our Drug Testing Cups are now as low as $1.99 a cup – an unbeatable price.

We take pride in accompanying great value with amazing quality and service. We operate as a family business out of Southern Florida and we’ve developed a strong loyal following of satisfied customers. In addition to our Urine Drug Testing Cups, we also provide Alcohol, Pregnancy, and Fentanyl testing strips. We’re committed to exploring more products, keeping up with the demand of the industry and continue to offer the best quality possible at prices that won’t break your bank!

Feel free to contact us at 888-936-6627.  Ask about our free samples! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and we look forward to growing a relationship with you. Click here to return to our homepage.

-Alex, COO at 12 Panel Now

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