It is never easy to see the fact when searching for signs of drug use

It is never easy to see the fact when searching for signs of drug use

We keep talking about the drugs and their effects on mood, we keep advising you how to recognize a drug addict, and you might not see all the effects or just can’t be sure whether this person is using or not.

Because – let’s face it! – many of us, who don’t use and never have, might sometimes suffer similar symptoms as those who use.

We might be moody sometimes, we all might be lacking sleep, we might feel exhausted, experiencing decreased interest in sex and pleasure, and decreased appetite or nausea. It happens.

These are all the symptoms of drug abuse, and we always tell you that these are all alarming symptoms.

But currently, there’s a global pandemic out there and it affects us all. Some fight depression, others anxiety, or other mental health issues, but these are the problems that show similar symptoms, and people around can think that we are using drugs even if we don’t.

So these are the common denominators. 

What’s different in drug abusers’ lives?

Some would say other health issues. Maybe issues with nose, throat, heart, stomach, liver, kidneys, pancreas, brain, and nervous system.

But here’s a fact: stress can also cause significant health issues such as headaches, nausea, eating disorders, sleep issues, and decreased interest in, well, almost anything.

It can go on to cause organ failure.

So we need to figure out something other than these clues.

One of the most important aspects of recognizing the drug abuser is perspective. 

Have you ever wondered if you are being objective in this matter? I mean, it’s your child, nephew, brother or sister, cousin, classmate, or neighbour. It’s almost impossible to stay objective and see the facts.

Let’s take a look from a different perspective. Take a look at the people around this person. Who is she it he hanging out with? Ask yourself an important question: have you ever seen these people? If you have, look at them closely, notice their outfits, their habits, how they talk, how they treat you when they see you or do they even come to your house.

If you haven’t even seen them, well, that’s odd.

Age is also important for our quest. 

It isn’t the same if we’re speaking about a teenager, young adult, or grown-up.

Teenagers tend to try everything they can, but they must be aware of all the bad effects of drug abuse. You have to educate them on the matter. They were told in school about drugs but they need to hear from their loved ones, too.

If we’re talking about young adults, we’re on a slippery slope. At that age, they have already formed a personality, but maybe there is something to alert you that they might be using or might start using drugs.

Is this person you’re thinking of right now a loner? Is she/he someone who is trying to fit in? Is this person battling any mental health issues? Be careful because a lot of things can lead them to start using the drugs. Or can also be the sign that they have already started.

The thing is, people usually start using to feel better, to fit in, to try new things, to get better results in sports or exams, etc.

We’re not judging here and you shouldn’t either. We’re trying to help and so should you. 

Speaking of adults using drugs… 

We haven’t forgotten about this part.

Well, we were kinda judging here, not for the fact that these people have had difficulties in their lives, but for the fact that nobody taught them that the drugs won’t solve any of their issues. Again, it’s never easy to face the issues and avoid catastrophe. But it can be done. We never stop learning and people, mostly teenagers and young adults need to be educated and good that life is like that.

So, let’s get back to watching the young adults (grown-ups) and noticing the signs. 

Grown-ups should be the working class, people with plans and/or ambition, trying to get somewhere and doing everything in their power to get there.

Is the person you suspect to be a drug user not acting like this? Well, there’s a great possibility that this person is using illegal drugs.

In the end… 

There are physical clues that will indicate, combined with all the behavioral aspects we mentioned before, that the person is using:

  • red eyes + paranoia
  • constricted pupils + paranoia or hallucinations
  • dry mouth + euphoria

Now, there’s also a way to get proof that the person is using the drugs. 

Drug test them. 

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