Pregnancy Test Strips – Should You Trust its Results?

Pregnancy Test Strips - Should You Trust its Results?

A Life-Changing Event

Discovering whether one is pregnant is one of the most life-changing events in someone’s life.  Because of the gravity of this momentous event, it’s even more important determining the validity of said results.  How accurate are HCG Pregnancy Test Strips?

What is HCG?

HCG or Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone.  The HCG is produced very soon after egg implantation.  The HCG Pregnancy Test strip works by detecting the HCG in urine samples to generate positive or negative results.


Not only are the HCG Pregnancy Test Strips one the safest way to determine pregnancy at home, but it is also an accurate way to determine results quickly.  These results are 99% accurate if used properly.  Some have experienced false-positive results.  How can one avoid that?

False Positives

Statistically, if one tests negative for HCG then they generally are not pregnant.  However when false positives have been reported, that is, when an individual is not pregnant but the test results show positive, this can undoubtedly be cause for concern.  How does this happen?  There can be many reasons.  For instance, certain drugs or fertility medications can cause a fluctuation of hormone levels which will appear in the urine causing an HCG test to read positive.

There have even been circumstances where individuals have taken HCG tests after a miscarriage causing a false positive.  Here at 12 Panel Now, we encourage those who are concerned about their test results to speak to their Primary Care Doctor for more insight regarding their pregnancy.

When Is the Right Time to Take a Test?

Here at 12 Panel Now, we always encourage those who purchase our tests to read the instructions carefully.  When is the best time to Take an HCG Pregnancy Test? comments on this subject in this way:

You should wait to take a pregnancy test until the week after your missed period for the most accurate result.  If you don’t want to wait until you’ve missed your period, you should wait at least one to two weeks after you had sex. If you are pregnant, your body needs time to develop detectable levels of HCG. This typically takes seven to 12 days after successful implantation of an egg.


We’re Here to Help!

At 12 Panel Now, we provide drug testing and medical supplies nationwide. We are regarded as the most reasonable supplier of drug test supplies in our area and our main goal is to provide the best possible price to our customers.

All our testing strips and drug testing cups are CLIA waived and FDA approved with a stamped 99% accuracy.

The HCG Pregnancy Strips are easy to use and it provides quick and accurate results. Our strips are a quick and easy ideal option when it comes to home pregnancy test solutions.

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So, you can start testing at week past ovulation. You may get negative results if the HCG increases

With our tests, you can begin testing at 7-10 days past ovulation. A negative result this early is not always conclusive and does not foreclose the possibility of pregnancy: You can get a negative test result if HCG increases more gradually.

Reaction Time

The reaction time of the most testing strips is as low as 5 minutes.  You can verify your test results after the five minutes interval. You can read your results within 3- five minutes of testing for more accuracy.

In addition to pregnancy strips, we also provide Drug Testing Strips that test for  Alcohol, Fentanyl, among others.

How To Interpret Test Result?

Positive Test Result

When the one band shows up in the C region and another band in the T region. It generates a positive result Also the color of bands may vary according to the stage and level of HCG.

Negative test result

The test result is negative when the color band appears only in the control region that is denoted by C. or in other words, when no band shows up in the Test region it means that pregnancy has not been detected.

Invalid test result

When the level of HCG is low, none of the bands appear in the Test and control region. Also, it may happen due to an insufficient volume of the urine samples or an incorrect procedure of performing the test.

Here 12 Panel Now, we are committed to offering quality products at affordable prices and also offer discounts on bulk orders. Our excellent customer service and our quality commitment make us the best option for buyers interested in purchasing pregnancy strips.

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