Pregnancy Test Strips – Should You Trust its Results?


A pregnancy test is the safest way to determine pregnancy at home. It detects the HCG in urine samples to generate positive or negative results. The HCG is a hormone that placenta produce very soon after the egg implantation.

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What is the right time to take a Test?

The first rule to achieve accuracy in results is to read the instructions carefully. Talking about the right time, you should use a test strip around the time when your periods are due. Using the pregnancy test too early may lack that hormone HCG in the urine that generates positive results.

Pregnancy Test Strips

So, you can start testing at week past ovulation. You may get negative results if the HCG increases

With our tests, you can begin testing at 7-10 days past ovulation. A negative this early is not categorically conclusive and does not foreclose the possibility of pregnancy: You can get a negative test result if hCG increases more gradually.  In that case, you can get a medical advice.

Reaction Time

The reaction time of the most testing strips is as low as 5 minutes.  You can verify your test results after the five minutes interval. You can read your results within 3- five minutes of testing for the more accuracy.


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How To Interpret Test Result?

Positive Test Result

When the one band shows up in the C region and another band in the T region. It generates a positive result Also the color of bands may vary according to the stage and level of HCG.

Negative test result

The test result is negative when the color band appears only in the control region that is denoted by C. or in other words, when no band shows up in the Test region it means that pregnancy has not been detected.

Invalid test result

When the level of HCG is low, none of the bands appear in the Test and control region. Also, it may happen due to insufficient volume of urine sample and wrong procedure of performing the test.

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