Drug and alcohol courts are the places that need our services the most.  We offer bulk drug testing cups and strips, and alcohol testing strips, at ridiculously low, wholesale prices.  These types of courts are always in need of these types of supplies, why not get them at the lowest possible prices that you can?

Drug and alcohol courts

People who normally end up in these courts have broken the law in some way or another when it comes to drugs of some kind.  Our bulk drug testing cups test for twelve of the most popular types of drugs that there are, plus our company offers a strip that can test additionally for fentanyl.  Sometimes these types of people are remanded to jail, but a lot of drug offenders are given ARD and probation for a period of time.  What most people do not know is that when you have been accused of a crime and are about to accept a plea or go into any kind of court, the judge can have you take an on the spot urinalysis.  If you have drugs or alcohol in your system they can postpone court and arrest you right then and there.  Some courts do not play around with this kind of thing and they do not have to hold your hearing if they feel you are too incompetent to understand what is happening to you.


A lot of people make this mistake and are under the assumption that they will not be drug tested until they are on probation or sentenced.  This is where our bulk drug and alcohol testing supplies will come into handy.  They are extremely easy to use, and very easy to read.  The results of these wholesale 12 Panel Drug Test Cup can be viewed in as little as two minutes or less, although it is recommended that you assess the urine specimen five minutes after the drug test has been taken.  Because it is so fast and easy to read, it is ideal for testing before the court process begins.  These bulk cups can be purchased at wonderfully low wholesale prices, and we offer a guarantee if you get a faulty batch.

Probationary circumstances

The probation officer’s office is one place a person does not want to get caught with a dirty urine screen, so why not make it harder for them?  These wholesale, bulk testing cups will make it hard for them and easy on you.  People also seem to forget that you are not supposed to use alcohol when you are on probation.  Our bulk testing alcohol strips can help any probation officer to make sure that they are not missing alcohol in the systems of the criminals that they are watching.  Fentanyl is also a problem sometimes, since recently heroine has been laced with fentanyl, and most regular 12 panel tests do not test for this.  We offer a strip at wholesale prices that will enable you to test your cases for fentanyl as well.  The best part is, you can use our bulk cups and our wholesale strips all at the same time.  It takes about the same amount of time to be able to read all of the wholesale items that we offer, and you can test one person all at once.  The temperature gauge on the cup will also help you to make sure that your case is not using synthetic urine for their urine screen.

All of our tests are very easy to read and very simple to use.  They come in individual packaging and are all safety sealed to prevent accidental contamination.  The tests should not be opened until they are ready to be used.  If you are using our bulk testing products properly and getting consistent bad readings, then you may return the shipment for a new one, or a refund.  Just because our items come at wholesale prices, does not mean that they are cheaply made.  We stand by our product and its accuracy.

Bulk, wholesale testing cups and strips

If you have large groups of cases that you are going to be testing, our bulk cups and strips are the way to go.  They can be kept and will remain accurate for a long period of time as long as they remain unopened.  If you are a judge you may want to get a small bulk order of our wholesale supplies to keep in your office for people who stand in front of you and are expecting to accept their sentence while inebriated.  Make sure that you have a way to make sure that these people can accept their pleas while competent to do so.  Order our bulk drug testing cups and strips at the cheapest wholesale prices you will be able to find.