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3 Panel Drug Test Dip Cards CLIA Waived - 12 Panel Now

3 Panel Drug Test Dip Cards, Instant drug test, Test strips OPI, COC, THC

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Drug Tested
 OPI /300,  COC /300, THC/ 50 CLIA Waived
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3 Panel Drug Test

Buy the 3 Panel Drug Test from 12panelnow to get 99% accurate results in only five minutes. The urine dip drug test is designed to detect multiple drugs through a single procedure for easy use. The multi-drug test is FDA-approved and the most preferred drug screening method in various environments.

Key Features of the 3 Panel Drug Test Dip Card

  • The dip drug test uses urine as the test specimen.
  • While performing a test with the multi-drug screen test dip card, you must use a cup to hold the test specimen.
  • The test is instant. Both negative and positive results are displayed within a few minutes.
  • The 3-panel urine drug test is used to detect the presence of three essential drugs. They are Cocaine (COC), Marijuana (THC), Morphine (OPI).
  • The average shelf-life of the CLIA-approved dip drug test is about two years.
  • It is designed for fast, convenient, and easy use at home and in professional organizations.
  • The dip drug test accuracy is 99%.

Steps to Use the 3 Panel Urine Drug Test

12panelnow reviews indicate some of the best benefits of using the 3-panel drug test. One of them is the convenience that the product offers. Follow five easy steps to obtain precise test results always.

Step 1: The product includes a dip card with a cap. The dip card is enclosed within a sealed foil pouch. To start the test, open the pouch carefully and remove the cap of the dip card.

Step 2: Now identify the absorbent test strips of the dip card and immerse them in the urine sample. Take additional care to ensure that the plastic device does not touch the urine sample (when the plastic cup touches the specimen, the accuracy of your results is affected).

Step 3: Next, replace the cap over the absorbent strips of the drug test dip cards.

Step 4: Place the urine drug test dip card on a flat, dry, and clean surface. Allow it to rest for five minutes.

Step 5: Get ready to read the results after five minutes. Do not consider the test results after 10 minutes.

Interpretation of Test Results

Test results are positive, negative, or invalid. Observe the result area to detect the test results.

For a positive result (presence of drug traces in the urine specimen), one colored band appears in the control region. No apparent changes are observed in the test region.

For a negative result (absence of drug traces in the urine specimen), one colored band appears in the control region, and another appears at the test region.

If one colored band appears at the test region with no apparent changes in the control region, the results are invalid. In such cases, repeat the test with a new dip card.

Refer to the enclosed information leaflet for more 3-panel drug test info.

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