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4 panel drug test dip card - 12 panel Now

4 Panel Drug Test Dip Cards – OPI /300, COC /300, THC/ 50, mAMP/1000

As Low as $0.34

Drug Tested
 OPI /300,  COC /300, THC/ 50, mAMP/1000, CLIA Waived
$1.89 available on subscription
THC Marijuana Dip Card THC/15, THC/50, THC/100, THC/200 - 12 Panel Now

Marijuana Urine Test – Dip Card – THC/15, THC/50, THC/100, THC/200

As low as $0.59

Parameter: THC
Calibrator: 11-nor- Δ9-THC-9-carboxylic acid
Cut-off(ng/mL): X 15/50/100/200

$3.99 available on subscription

4 Panel Drug Test

Providing a fast, one-stop solution to your drug testing requirements, the 4-Panel drug test is one of the quickest and most reliable ways of ascertaining the presence of four, common controlled substances. Available for a competitive price at 12PanelNow, stock up on 4-Panel urine drug test products and you'll always have access to accurate, dependable drug testing.

Test for Cannabis, Opiates, and More

The four-panel drug test from 12 Panel Now tests for the presence of cannabis (THC), cocaine (COC), opiates (OPI), and methamphetamines (mAMP). The presence of all four compounds is tested at the same time, using a single urine sample.  If you need a THC drug test that's quick, discreet, and offers over 99% accuracy, this is the product for you.

4-Panel Drug Test for Employment

Whether you're an employee who needs to ensure they're in a fit state to go to work or an employer who conducts drug testing to ensure compliance with essential health & safety legislation, the 4-Panel drug test kits are a great option.

The multi-drug screen test 4-Panel can be used in the workplace, as well as at home. For workplace use, the option to order a bulk drug test purchase and pay less per kit is always worth considering.

Simple, Fast, Easy to Interpret, and Confidential

As experienced providers of multi-drug test products, we know that our customers value simplicity, speed, and dependability.

Our urine dip drug test options are CLIA-waived. This means that they have been found to be extremely reliable CLIA dip drug test products that users can trust to deliver accurate, dependable results.

Only one urine sample is needed to test for all four controlled substances. The multi-drug screen test dip card needs to be inserted into the urine sample for the test to be completed. Results are available almost instantly.

The dip drug test accuracy is high and results are easy to read - there's no need to be a medical professional or have any training, as the results are self-explanatory.

Remember, that when you buy our urine drug test dip card, the results of this panel drug test are completely confidential. Many of our customers value the fact that they can use drug test dip cards at home and assess their drug-free status in complete privacy.

Professional-Grade 4-Panel Drug Test

These tests are professional-grade products that use the same degree of analysis and sensitivity as you are likely to encounter at work, at a clinic, or as part of law enforcement procedures. Indeed, many of our customers are from the public sector or are employers, and use these tests in a work capacity.

We also have many home users of our marijuana drug test and other dip drug test urine sample products. Users love the convenience and simplicity of these panel drug test kits. Take a look at the 12PanelNow reviews and discover what others think of our products and customer care!

Whether you need drug tests in bulk, or simply require a single test, 12PanelNow com can provide the 4-Panel drug test you're looking for, at a heavily discounted price.