12 Panel 25 cups

The 12 Panel 25 cups are one of the most affordable drug testing cups in the market. From testing cocaine to marijuana, the 12 panel 25 cups can help in all kinds of drug testing. These 25 cups can easily detect almost all the common drugs easily. The cups hold human urine of certain cutoff and it stores the urine without any leakage and problem. It gives the results in the visual panel within a few minutes and the sample can be stored for up to 7 days.

Our Drug cups which is approved by FDA and are absolutely safe for users. The drug test cup is highly affordable and anyone can use the cups for drug testing purposes as well as in order to preserve urine.

The cups are used in testing cocaine, marijuana, methadone, morphine and other strong drugs. The cups can tell the result on spot. The average time which the cup can take is 10 minutes. The result which comes soon is almost 99 percent correct and one can rely on such test results. Apart from that, the cups are also available at a wholesale price. If you order the products in a bulk we can provide you the price lower than the marketplace and that will be beneficial for you.

The cups can be used in various centers and places. From police station and other security personals to medical clinics, the cups can be used in testing urine instantly. So, if are interested in buying the product contact us and let us know your requirement. We ship the product on the same day and we ensure that the products reach your place before the estimated delivery date. We value the client’s requirement and therefore we keep and strict eye on products quality.

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