12 Panel 5 Cups

Drug test today is not a big deal. As less as couple of minutes and as cost efficient as a couple of dollars is enough to test any kind of drugs and that too with 99 % accuracy. This urine drug test cup is approved by FDA, waived by CLIA. Though it is cost efficient, it is most reliable without any limitations.

The no-drip screw top lid and the leak resistance with new lower cut-offs makes it the most ideal drug testing option. Beside it’s accuracy and efficiency it is very much user friendly and perfect for home drug testing. Just two minutes are enough to view the result but something between five to eight minutes is recommended as the best duration. The built-in temperature strip is used to authenticate the donor’s urine. The 12 Panel 5 cups that you can buy from 12panelnow.com are such cups which can help you get the best results of your drug test within just a few minutes.

The best part of the drug test cups from 12 Panel Now is that they are extremely affordable and even if they are cheap, you can see the quality in them.

The 12 Panel 5 cups are a standout amongst the most reasonable drug testing cups in the market. From testing cocaine to cannabis, the 12 panel 5 cups can help in a wide range of drug testing. These 25 cups can without much of a stretch identify all the common drugs effortlessly. The cups hold human urine of certain cut-off and it stores the urine with no leakage and problem. It gives the outcomes in the visual panel inside a couple of minutes and the example can be hidden away up to 7 days.

Buy the best 12 Panel 5 Cups from the 12panelnow.com now. Or just give us a call at 888-936-6627 or 561- 409-5151.

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