5 panel 100 Drug Test Cups

From Amphetamine to Morphine and Methadone to Marijuana, or any other drug like Cocaine, Barbiturates, Ecstasy etc. can be tested in no time by spending a couple of dollars. Yes, a case of 100 cups for testing total 12 drugs with an amazing offer of 7 drugs in as free with the 5 panel 100 cups are quite costly in other websites. But at 12panelnow.com, you can get those at just $250 instead of $350, costing each cup just $2.50; as we offer bulk order option at wholesale price.

Though our 5 panel 100 cups are economical like never before but this does not make you compromise with any sort of quality. It is a CLIA waived Urinalysis cup, which is also FDA approved. It also contains in built temperature strip to authenticate the donor’s urine. With some latest features it can detect sensitive amounts of drug in urine which conforms to SAMHSA cut-off levels.

The cups are utilized as a part of testing cocaine, marijuana, methadone, morphine and other solid drugs. The cups can tell the outcome on spot. The normal time which the cup can take is 10 minutes. The outcome which comes before long is very nearly 99 percent right and one can depend on such test comes about. Aside from that, the cups are additionally accessible at a discount price. In the event that you arrange the items in a mass we can give you the price lower than the commercial center and that will be valuable for you.

The cups can be utilized as a part of different focuses and places. From police headquarters and other security personals to medical clinics, the cups can be utilized as a part of testing urine in a split second. Thus, if are occupied with purchasing the item get in touch with us and let us know your necessity. We send the item around the same time and we guarantee that the items achieve your place before the evaluated conveyance date. We esteem the customer’s necessity and in this manner we watch out for items quality.

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