Rapid Test Kits in bulk

We offer a wide variety of covid-19 test kits in bulk with same-day shipping for boxes, cases, and single tests. We offer FDA Authorizes POC tests or tests for Home use, antibody, or antigen.

Bulk covid test as low as
$1.99 in bulk

INDICAID COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test – Instant Swab Test
for Professional use


CLIA number required

Fast Step COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Antibody Test – Point of Care Test
for Professional use


CLIA number required

Bulk Covid Rapid Tests

Rapid Covid-19 tests are available at 12PanelNow to assist you in getting back to normal. The Rapid Covid-19 Test has been developed using cutting-edge technologies.

A COVID Rapid Test is a quick and easy approach to determine whether the Covid virus is present. The 12 Panel Now Bulk Covid Rapid Tests are precise enough for use in clinics, workplaces, hospitals, and other settings where infection prevention is a top issue.

Our bulk Covid test kits are easy enough to use at home if you provide tests to your employees to use before they arrive to work. Neither the test nor the interpretation of the results require any medical knowledge. Our kits are designed to be simple to use and comprehend.

We deal directly with the manufacturer, allowing us to provide bulk COVID test kits at significantly cheaper prices than our competitors. We work with enterprises of all kinds, from small businesses to large corporations, to ensure that they receive the COVID-19 test kits they require on time.

Staying on top of Covid infection is a priority in practically every situation in the present climate. Bulk Covid 19 Test Kits are a cost-effective approach to keep everyone safe.

You’ll have the resources you need to help battle the pandemic if you buy bulk COVID tests from 12 Panel Now. Every medical facility can benefit from bulk pricing alternatives that are affordable.

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