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10 Panel Mouth Swab Drug Test – Saliva Drug Test

As low as $2.39

Drugs Tested
AMP/50, COC/20, OPI/40, THC/50, MET/50, PCP/10, BZO/50, BUP/5, OXY/20, BAR/50
$3.19 available on subscription

12 Panel Saliva Drug Test

As low as $2.29

Drugs Tested
AMP/50, OPI/40, MET/50, BZO/50, COC/20,
MTD/30, OXY/20, BUP/5, MDMA/50, THC/40, BAR/50, PCP/10
$2.99 available on subscription

13 Panel Drug Test Saliva with FEN/FYL

As low as $2.39

Drugs Tested
AMP/50, OPI/40, MET/50, BZO/50, COC/20, MTD/30, OXY/20, BUP/5, MDMA/50, THC/40, BAR/50, PCP/10, FYL/FEN/10
$3.19 available on subscription

Oral Swab Drug Test

Get accurate drug test results in minutes with this Oral Swab Drug Test from 12 Panel Now. This test kit features ten panels for easy detection of illicit drugs. Designed for use at home and in a professional setting, these oral kits are easy to use and perfect for determining which substances are in someone's system. 

For all your drug testing needs, 12 Panel Now offers a variety of swabs and kits that can be used either at home or the workplace. With a dedication to providing quality test results in a quick and easy manner, you can trust that your results are accurate every time.

What is an Oral Swab Drug Test?

An Oral Swab Drug Test uses a saliva sample to determine if any traces of illicit substances are present. With quick analysis technology, you can see the results of your test within ten minutes of collecting your sample. Due to the speed and accuracy of these results, oral swab drug testing has become the method of choice for most large companies in the country today. Plus, the Oral Swab Drug Test provides a more secure means of gathering a sample, eliminating the falsification of urine drug tests.

To use the Oral Swab Drug Test, a swab is used to gather the sample from the inside of the cheek. Once the swab has been secured in the testing panel, simply wait a few minutes and you'll have accurate results in no time. The illicit substances that can be detected with this oral testing kit include:

  • Amphetamines
  • Barbituates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Buprenorphine
  • Cocaine
  • Morphine
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Oxycodone
  • Phencyclidine

While each substance has its own cut-off level and detection time, the Oral Swab Drug Test can quickly and accurately determine if any of them are present within a given sample.

Why Use an Oral Swab Drug Test?

There are a number of reasons why the Oral Swab Drug Test is superior to tests that rely on collecting a urine sample.

For one, an oral test greatly minimizes the opportunity for falsifying a sample. The administrator can be in close proximity to the donor while the sample is gathered, and can be immediately inserted into the panel for testing rather than being transferred between locations. By reducing the chance for fraud to occur, you can ensure your test results are accurate and uncompromised.

Oral Swab Drug Tests are also ideal for conducting many tests at once, in the case of companies or administrators. Since the collection of saliva is quick and observable, samples can be gathered and prepped for testing without the need for transport from a private restroom.

In addition to their superior security, Oral Swab Drug Tests are easily transportable between the lab and the testing site, and the results can be photocopied to maintain records. Plus, negative and positive results are easy to read, further eliminating the potential for error.

Whether your testing is for personal or professional purposes, you can get accurate results in just a few minutes with an Oral Swab Drug Test from 12 Panel Now.