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Instant Covid Test Boson

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Covid test
Nucleocapsid Protein Antigen


Expiration Date August 2024

Authorized by FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)


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Covid 19 Test

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way most of us live our lives. While many of us are vaccinated, the latest Covid-19 variant shows us we must still be careful. We should all be practicing good hand washing hygiene and taking precautions that prevent the spread of Covid-19. One thing we can do is get tested, especially if we are regularly in situations where exposure is possible.

The Latest Testing Technology

12 Panel Now has Covid-19 test kits for sale. These tests use the latest scientific findings to give users a rapid answer within minutes of testing. You will no longer need to wait several days for results with the 12 Panel Now Covid 19 rapid test. The Covid-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test gives users peace of mind knowing their Covid 19 testing will keep friends and family safe from getting the virus. Trust 12 Panel Now for your Covid-19 testing needs. For rapid results within 15 minutes, our tests let you get back to life!

How to use the Covid Test

The 12 Panel Now Rapid Covid-19 Test can be administered at the point of care (POC) for maximum convenience. This is the only POC antibody testing preparation approved by the FDA. This test requires a simple finger stick to collect a small blood sample. The test then checks for Covid-19 antibodies the body either has from infection or is clear from infection. Giving this test at POC means results within 15 minutes. The 12 Panel Now Rapid Covid-19 Test is the only mass-manufactured Covid-19 test approved for use by the FDA. These tests are Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waived, meaning that they can be used in clinical settings. However, the tests do not need to be given by professionals.

Bulk Pricing

At 12 Panel Now we are ready to help you get back to normal with Rapid Covid-19 testing. The technology used to develop the Rapid Covid-19 Test is state-of-the-art. Ultimately this means the prices for individual Covid-19 test kits could be expensive. To compensate for this, 12 Panel Now offers Rapid Covid-19 Test kits at bulk pricing. The tests come packaged in boxes of 20 tests. Purchasing more boxes decreases the individual cost of each test. Call for an estimate for your Covid-19 testing needs.

Covid Test Results in Minutes

Most Covid-19 tests available today take a day or more to get results. For most people, this meant going to a testing place and then waiting in limbo for the answer. In the meantime, the potentially infected waits for the results. They must take precautions to not potentially infect others. 12 Panel Now Covid 19 Tests avoid the wait and get results in 15 minutes. We let you get back to normal quicker than other tests.

Same Day Shipping

12 Panel Now provides same-day shipping that usually takes 1 to 4 days. This fast delivery lets you get back to normal as quickly as possible. There is no substitute for knowing if you are infected with Covid-19 or not. With new variants evolving regular testing is the safest thing one can do for friends and family short of vaccination.