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15 Panel Drug Test Cup With EtG, FEN, KRA & ADLTX

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Forensic Use Only 15 Panel Drugs Tested
AMP/1000, OPI/300, MET/1000, BZO/300, COC/300, MTD/300, OXY/100, BUP/10, MDMA/500, THC/50, KRA/500, FEN/20, ETG/500, PCP/25 & 3 Adulterants (Specific Gravity, pH and Creatinine)

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15 Panel Drug Test Cup

Introducing our 15 Panel Drug Test Cup – the pinnacle of accuracy in drug testing. Designed for individuals and organizations seeking fast, precise results, our 15-panel cup from 12 Panel Now is user-friendly and guarantees unmatched accuracy.

This sensitive 15-Panel Drug Test Cup can detect even trace amounts of controlled substances in urine samples. With each strip targeting a different substance, it's easy to identify the specific substance in case of a positive result.

Our 15-Panel drug test covers a wide range of substances, including amphetamines, opioids, cocaine, and more. Plus, it simultaneously tests for all these substances with just one urine sample, providing rapid results.

Experience the ease and speed of our 15-Panel Urine Drug Test – results are almost instant, taking just a few minutes. A control panel ensures the accuracy of the test.

15 Panel Drug Test Cup in Workplace

Perfect for professionals, our drug test pee cup meets high standards, guaranteeing accuracy. It's ideal for workplaces with health and safety requirements and detects alcohol consumption, legal medications, and non-prescription controlled substances.

We offer bulk orders with attractive discounts, making it cost-effective for organizations. No need for medical expertise to administer or interpret results.

For private individuals, our user-friendly panel drug test kits are a preferred choice for at-home testing. Results are confidential, and no lab or care provider involvement is required.

At 12 Panel Now, we prioritize customer satisfaction, as reflected in our 12 Panel Now reviews.

Trust our 15 Panel Urine Drug Test Cup for comprehensive and accurate screening. Whether for workplace or personal use, it's the reliable choice for detecting 15 substances with additional Adulterants test.

Count on 12 Panel Now for high-quality drug testing supplies, including wholesale options for businesses of all sizes.

Order your 15-Panel Drug Test Cup today and experience the difference in comprehensive drug screening – it's easy, quick, and covers a broad spectrum of substances.