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6 Panel Drug Test Cup

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6 Panel Drug Tested
AMP/1000, OPI/300, BZO/300, COC/300, OXY/100, BUP/10
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6 Panel Drug Test Cups

Providing a rapid method of identifying the presence of controlled substances, 6-panel drug test cups use advanced, modern testing methods to accurately determine whether substances such as cocaine, Ecstacy, or amphetamines are present in a urine sample.

6-Panel Drug Test

The 6-panel urine drug test offered by 12 Panel Now uses state-of-the-art testing procedures to determine the presence of six common controlled substances. The 6-panel test consists of a cup that incorporates six testing strips (as well as a control strip) in a single urine drug test cup. This 6-pane drug screen test can detect the presence of amphetamines, opiates, Ecstacy, cocaine, oxycodone, and/or buprenorphine.

Alternatively, customers can purchase the 6-panel rapid drug test cup that includes a test for the presence of marijuana (cannabis). This drug test pee cup tests for amphetamines, opiates, Ecstacy, cocaine, oxycodone, and/or marijuana.

6-Panel Drug Test Cups are Simple to use

One of the advantages of using drug screen cups from 12PanelNow is that they're very easy to use and virtually foolproof. No preparation or setup is needed. Simply provide a urine sample that's placed in the drug screen test cup. If a controlled substance is present, a reaction will be detected on the relevant test strip. Each test strip on the cup is labeled, to make the process even easier.

Ideal for At Home use

These are pharmaceutical-grade panel drug test kits that offer the same degree of accuracy as a test you might take at a clinic or have administered by an employer, or as part of law enforcement procedures. Indeed, many of our multi-drug rapid test cup products are sold to employers or other organizations charged with assessing whether individuals have been using controlled substances.

In addition to being commonly used in professional environments, these tests are perfect for an at-home drug test 6-panel option.

Confidential Results

Note that there's no need to send the sample or the drug test pee cup away to have the results processed in a laboratory. Results show on the side of the drug screen test cup almost immediately. We send the drug testing cups to the required address in the same way as any other product. There is no follow-up or need to return drug testing cups.

If you want a private, completely confidential way of testing urine for the presence of controlled substances, drug test cups are ideal.

12 Panel Now com Provides Bulk Discounts

Do you need drug tests in bulk? We offer 6-panel drug test cups as well as a wide range of other drug testing products in anything from single units right through to large volume orders. If you need a significant quantity of drug test kits, take advantage of our discounts for bigger orders.

Remember that our drug test cups have a long shelf life, so there's no reason not to stock up now and save money on your drug testing supplies.

12 Panel Now Reviews

We are proud to provide our customers with some of the best drug test cups on the market. Please read our product reviews to discover what previous buyers have to say about us and our merchandise.