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Kratom Drug Test Cartridges

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Cartridge Drug Test

Choose the cartridge drug test from 12 Panel Now for a non-invasive and quick drug screening. It is an instant test for detecting the presence of any prescription or illicit drug in the body. The drug test kit is simple to use and offers clear results in less than five minutes. It offers a hygienic and convenient method to detect ethyl glucuronide (EtG) and Kratom (KRA).

Fast and Accurate

After ingestion, drugs remain in the body for a limited time. As a result, you need a test offering faster results. The home drug test kit from 12PanelNow can deliver up to 99% accurate results in five minutes or even less if you follow the procedure accurately and use enough urine specimens. It is a clean method for drug detection using internal procedural controls.

Detects Kratom and EtG

Whether you need to buy a drug test kit for Kratom or EtG, choose our advanced products. Our instant drug test kits are perfect even for clinical environments. With this test, you can detect EtG within 80 hours of alcohol consumption and screen kratom with its metabolites in the urine.

The kits are designed for screening EtG or Kratom levels in the body. As such, they will not detect other substances causing false-positive bands on the control region.

Simple and Convenient to Use

The urine drug test kit from comes with a test administrator and a dropper to extract a urine sample. They are also available as a single-panel drug test for testing Kratom. In a few simple steps, you can finish this hygienically sound test. It requires a single urine droplet instead of an open urine specimen. Follow these steps to take the test:

  • Take the test out of its sealed pouch and perform the test within an hour.
  • Using the dropper in the kit, extract urine and pour three drops into the cartridge hole.
  • The result appears on the strip within five minutes.
  • Interpret the result immediately: A single color band on the membrane means a positive result. Two colored bands show a negative result, and the result is invalid if no band appears on it.

Cut-Off Levels

Since our cartridge drug tests have no external controls, you may need a confirmation test to verify the positive results. Hence, we offer the best drug testing kits with cut-off levels that match the standards and offer you accurate outcomes.

The analyzer can easily differentiate between the positive and negative values with these figures. It also helps rule out any discrepancy in results. The urine dip drug test has 500 ng/ml cut-off levels for 7-hydroxymitragynine and EtG.


Due to its effectiveness in testing drug abuse and sobriety, our urine test dip cards and kits are popular in many addiction recovery centers across the country. You don't have to spend an arm or leg to buy it, as our drug test kit price is as low as $0.99 per test strip. Get discounts for ordering drug tests in bulk, especially for orders exceeding 5000 strips, and free shipping on all bulk drug test purchases above $90.

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