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13 Panel Drug Test Dip Card with FEN

As Low as $1.09

Drug Tested
AMP/ 1000, OPI /300, MET/ 1000, BZO /300, COC /300, MTD/ 300,
OXY /100, BUP /10, MDMA/ 500, THC/ 50, BAR /300, PCP/25, FYL/ 200
$1.79 available on subscription

12 Panel Drug Test Dip Card

As Low as $0.99

Drug Tested
AMP/ 1000, OPI /300, MET/ 1000, BZO /300, COC /300, MTD/ 300,
OXY /100, BUP /10, MDMA/ 500, THC/ 50, BAR /300,  PCP/ 25
CLIA Waived
$1.69 available on subscription

10 Panel Drug Test Dip Card

As Low as $0.99

Drug Tested
AMP/ 1000, OPI /300, MET/ 1000, BZO /300, COC /300, MTD/ 300,
OXY /100, BUP /10, MDMA/ 500, THC/ 50 CLIA Waived
$1.79 available on subscription

EtG Alcohol Test Cartridge – EtG Test

As low as $0.59

Cutoff level
Ethyl -glucuronide 500 ng/ml
$2.99 available on subscription

Urine Dip Drug Test

Buy urine drug test dip cards from 12 Panel Now for fast drug screening at home. These multi-drug test kits are designed for detecting different illicit and prescription drugs in the body by dipping the card in a urine specimen. Our test cards offer a fuss-free urine drug testing method with up to 99% dip drug test accuracy.

Varied Drug Profile

Whether you need to test a single drug in the urine specimen or multiple drugs, our multi-drug screen test dip card can offer fast and clear results. We have these tests designed for drugs like:

    • Amphetamine
    • Barbiturate
    • Buprenorphine
    • Cocaine
    • Benzodiazepine
    • Marijuana
    • Ecstacy
    • Fentanyl
    • Methamphetamine
    • Oxycodone
    • Methadone
    • Tricyclic anti-depressants
    • Morphine

You can buy a 13-panel drug test for detecting all the currently abused drugs or choose 3-panel kits for cocaine, morphine, and marijuana testing. We also offer single-use kratom drug test strips and EtG/alcohol test cards for at-home tests or clinical environments.

Simple to Use

Our urine dip drug test kits are extremely simple to use with a one-step process. For effective results in five minutes or less, you can take out the kit from its sealed pouch and remove the card’s cap.

Now, dip the card’s absorbent test strips in a urine sample for about five seconds. Ensure that the sample doesn’t touch the plastic device at all. Cover the strips with the cap and place the card on a flat surface for five minutes to read the results. A single-colored band means positive results, while two colored bands on the membrane point to negative results.

Since these strips have no external control, you may need confirmation testing in a lab.

Suitable for Different Needs

The urine dip test strips from 12panelnow are suitable for various purposes. You can use our Marijuana test dip card for drug screenings in medical environments, workplaces, and organizations that need affordable and sensitive drug testing supplies.

Best Prices

For affordable and fast-acting drug screening tests, look no further than Our drug test dip cards are available at prices starting from $0.59 per test strips. The 13-panel test comes at $2.79 per card for a 10-card pack, but we can offer you competitive pricing as low as $1.89 per card if you choose bulk drug test kits.

Get same-day free shipping on all orders exceeding $90, while there's flat-fee shipping of $6.99 for orders below $90.

FDA Approved, and CLIA Waived

Our 12-panel, 10-panel, 5-panel, 4-panel, and 3-panel test strips are FDA-approved and CLIA-waived for home use under the pre-specified criteria. Per CLIA dip drug test regulations, the tests waived for this purpose must be easy to use with lower risks of erroneous test results.

Standard Cut-Off Levels

Our urine drug test dip card can screen the drugs at specific cut-off levels. If a specimen has drug levels above this limit, the results will be positive. For example, we offer cut-off levels of 1000 ng/ml for amphetamine and 300 ng/ml for a barbiturate, cocaine, benzodiazepine, and methadone. The marijuana drug test has a cut-off level of 15 ng/ml for THC metabolites.

Call us today to buy drug tests in bulk or for more information.