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Marijuana is a plant that has recently become very big in the media.  People all over the place are trying to determine whether THC and CBD can be medically helpful, or should be determined to be a dangerous drug.  Right now, people are using CBD as an herbal supplement because they feel that it could help a lot with quite a few of the conditions that they have, like pain and epilepsy.  CBD is unfortunately not the issue, it’s the THC that is causing the problems.

When you are employing people

When you are running a business, and are hiring employees, there are a lot of factors that you should examine before hiring a person.  First of all, what kind of work do you do?  Would it be dangerous to have someone that is inebriated on your job site?  Would it endanger them or other employees?  Drugs addicts and alcoholics are not necessarily bad people but can you trust them to come to work on time, to not steal from you?  There are a lot of factors that come into play when you are considering someone for employment.

Drug testing for court ordered purposes

When you are drugs testing for probationary or court ordered purposes you basically need to be checking for as many illegal substances as you can.  You also normally have a lot of clients to deal with at one time.  This is where bulk testing cups and strips can come in handy, especially when they are offered at crazy, low, wholesale prices.  You may have to test certain clients more than one time, and that is where our cups can come in handy.  Our bulk testing supplies come at the lowest possible price to you.  This will enable your company to get as many testing to supplies at the lowest price they can.


Some people are not drug users at all.  Some people like to go out and drink, tie one on after work with the co-workers, and this is fine.  Unfortunately, there are some people who cannot handle things and begin to go overboard.  When people start coming in to work severely drunk or hung over, they can pose a safety hazard for the other people they are working with, as well as themselves.  At you will find bulk alcohol testing strips to keep the people on your workforce scared enough to come in consistently sober, but it is not easy to tell that all people are inebriated.

Marijuana and other drugs has bulk drug testing supplies at wholesale prices.  We offer a bunch of different options, ranging from 5 to 12 panel tests.  These tests are specifically designed to test a human’s urine for certain drugs that have metabolized in their system.  For this offers drug testing cups that range from 5 to 12 panel.  These wholesale cups come in bulk prices and have a temperature strip on them to ensure that they are accurate and the urine is given at the time the sample has been taken.  These tests include drugs like heroin and cocaine, but they also include marijuana.  Unfortunately, marijuana is one of the drugs that stays in your system the longest and is the least harmful.

Our guarantee

If you order our bulk testing supplies and they seem faulty, all you have to do it contact us.  We will send you out a new shipment upon receiving the old shipment and it being tested for issues.  Our bulk order test strips and cups are offered at wholesale prices but this does not mean that they are cheaply made.  12 prides itself on providing testing supplies that are easy to read, quick to read and 99.9% accurate.