Cocaine โ€“ famous and deadly

Cocaine โ€“ famous and deadly

Every one of us has heard of Coke at some point in our lives – at least once.

Coke, Blow, Snow – it’s a different name, same product. Famous and deadly as it can be, powerfully addictive, and very dangerous to every cell in our bodies.

Where did it come from?

Cocaine is made from the leaves of the coca plant, which is native to South America. The name comes from the name of the plan: coca+in.

Many looks of cocaineย 

Cocaine is a stimulant drug, often looks like a fine, white powder that people snort through the nose or rub into their gums. It can also be dissolved and injected into the veins.

Some people smoke cocaine after it has been processed to make a rock crystal, which is called “freebase cocaine”. The crystal is heated in a glass pipe, which is usually called a crack pipe. The vapors are then inhaled into the lungs.

The word crack is used because of the crackling sound that can be heard when the rock crystal is being heated.

Another way to use it is to smoke it by sprinkling it on marijuana or tobacco and smoke it like a cigarette.

What makes cocaine so dangerous?

This drug has a severe impact on the nervous system and brain.

It increases levels of dopamine in a part of the brain that is related to rewards and control of movement. Dopamine is supposed to transmit messages between cells, come back to the cell that released it, and shut off the communication between these nerve cells, but after using cocaine this is not what happens. Cocaine prevents dopamine from going back to the cells that released it and stops normal communication between these cells. The amount of dopamine that stays built up in the areas where it shouldn’t be causes changes in behavior, which leads to violence, taking stronger doses of drugs to stay high as they were before. But technically, that is almost impossible because the part of the brain related to rewards has lost its sensitivity to dopamine after using this stimulant.

Effects don’t last much

Depending on the way of use, the effect of a coke can be seen immediately in just a few minutes. They can be short- and long-term.

Short-term effects are hypersensitivity to light, sound, and touch, mental alertness, feeling of happiness, irritability, and paranoia.

Long-term effects are destroyed body organs, depending – again – on the way of use, but it can include nosebleeds, loss of smell, respiratory distress, bowel decay, and/or higher risk for contracting viruses such as HIV, hepatitis C, collapsed veins, etc.

Deadly consequences

We could just go on and say JUST LIKE ANY OTHER DRUGS… but we can’t. Because cocaine is very addictive and powerful, more than others, an overdose can easily result in death.

And it’s for more than its powerful effects on the brain and heart.

It’s because many dealers mix it with synthetic drugs or flour or talcum powder to increase profits. They take money, and addicts take a lot more danger than they are aware of. Adding amphetamine or synthetic drugs to cocaine leads to unintentional overdose.

Can addiction be treated?

Cocaine addiction can be treated, but so far there are no medications that can be used in treatment. It can be treated with behavioral therapy.

Are there tests for cocaine?ย 

There are many ways to prove that someone is using coke, but the best and most efficient way is to drug test this person. We have the safest, fastest, and most efficient solution – a 12-panel drug test!ย 

Here’s how it works:ย

What’s the first step towards treatment?

The first step would be to recognize the issue. The person who’s using the drugs has to be willing to change and not fall back to old habits.

At the same time, people close to this person need to show their unconditional support, love, and understanding.ย 

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