How to Read a Drug Testing Kit – Answers from 12 Panel Now

How to Read a Drug Testing Kit - Answers from 12 Panel Now

Reasons to use a Drug Testing Kit

Drug Testing Kits are one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to screen for drug use.  These tests can be used to verify sobriety, for pre-employment screening, or even used for workplace compliance purposes.  Drug testing kits are more accessible these days, and some prefer to conduct their own at-home drug tests to see how they would fare.   Whatever your reason is for purchasing a drug testing kit, rest assured it is an easy process that is fast and accurate!

Getting Started

This will only take a few minutes, however, it’s important to minimize distractions.  If you are in a clinical environment or need to record accurate data, have the donor (the person providing the sample) date and initial the body label.

Make Sure Everything is Room Temperature

1.) First, it’s important to make sure that the drug testing kit and the area where the test will take place reside in a room temperature environment (59-78 degrees F). Remove the cap from the sealed pouch and prepare for use.

Donor Provides Sample

2.) Now it’s time for the Donor to provide the sample.  Have the donor leave the urine specimen in the drug testing kit and make sure they screw the cap on top of it. Start your timer immediately.

Remove Label/View Results

3.) Remove the peel-off label.  Check the temperature strip label at 2-4 minutes after specimen collection.

Evaluate the Drug Testing Kit’s Temperature Strip

4.) On the face of the label, there will be a temperature strip that is used to indicate the temperature of the specimen. Verify the temperature of the specimen by observing where the green dot appears.  A green dot will appear on the corresponding temperature line.

Normal body temperature is around 98.6 degrees.  The specimen may no doubt be a few degrees less.  If you are concerned about adulterated samples, keep an eye out for samples that have temperatures that are unusually low, or high.

5.) Reading Your Results.  Drug testing kit results are indicated by the presence or absence of colored band(s) in the result area of the test strips. The result should be read within 5 minutes. Do not interpret the result after 8 minutes.

Positive test results may need to be confirmed by another drug testing method. The drug testing kit and urine specimen may need to be sent to a toxicology laboratory for confirmation

We’re  Here to Help!

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