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Do Mushrooms Show Up on a Drug Test?


Psilocybin, also known by the street terms “mushrooms” or “shrooms”, is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic compound found in certain species of mushrooms. Psilocybin has gained attention for its potential therapeutic benefits, however, it is still a mind altering drug with a variety of harmful effects. 

Many people may wonder if this mind-altering hallucinogenic shows up in a drug test. The answer is yes. Let’s dive deeper and explore how to test for psilocybin and the variety of methods.

Understanding Mushroom Testing Methods

Psilocybin testing methods aim to detect the presence of psilocybin and its primary metabolite, psilocin, in biological samples. Various testing methods can be employed, including urine, hair, and blood tests, each offering unique advantages and limitations.

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Urine Testing for Mushrooms

Urine drug tests are one of the most commonly used methods to detect psilocybin and its metabolites. It is a non-invasive and cost-effective approach that can indicate recent psilocybin use. 

However, it’s important to note that psilocybin has a relatively short detection window in urine, typically up to 24-48 hours after ingestion, depending on the individual’s metabolism. 12PanelNow offers accurate and affordable psilocybin dip tests

Hair Testing for Mushrooms

Hair testing involves analyzing a hair sample to identify drug metabolites that have been incorporated into the hair shaft over time. Psilocybin and its metabolites can potentially be detected in hair for several months following ingestion. 

However, it’s worth noting that hair testing is less commonly utilized for psilocybin detection compared to other substances.

Blood Testing for Mushrooms

Blood testing can be used to directly measure the presence of psilocybin and its metabolites in the bloodstream. This method is typically reserved for specific situations, such as forensic investigations or medical emergencies. 

Psilocybin has a short half-life in the body, so blood testing is most effective within a few hours after ingestion. Blood testing is a more invasive way to test someone for psilocybin.


Workplace Testing

In most standard workplace drug testing panels, psilocybin is not included. Employers typically focus on screening for substances that may impair job performance or pose a safety risk. However, certain industries, such as transportation, rehab or healthcare, may have stricter testing protocols that include psilocybin.

Legal and Forensic Testing

In legal and forensic settings, psilocybin testing may be conducted as part of investigations or court-mandated drug testing. Law enforcement agencies and legal entities may employ different testing methods to detect the presence of psilocybin in individuals who are suspected of psilocybin use or involved in related criminal activities.

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Overall, the detection of psilocybin in drug tests depends on the specific testing methods employed and the timeframe of the test. Urine testing through psilocybin dip tests are the most commonly used and efficient ways of testing.   

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