14 Panel Drug Test: A Complete Guide

Trust the comprehensive 14 panel drug test from 12 Panel Now. With EtG alcohol and fentanyl screens, this drug test cup goes beyond the standard 12 panel test. As an instant-read urine test, there’s no need for lab analysis or waiting periods.

Learn about current statistics, what this rapid test screens for, how it protects accuracy, and how to read it clearly. By combining these features with 12 Panel Now’s superior pricing and service, this 14 panel instant drug test is perfect for a number of healthcare, business, and law enforcement applications.

US Drug Overdose Statistics

Preliminary data from the CDC shows an estimated 93,300 drug overdose deaths in 2020. That’s up almost 30% from 2019. These drugs saw large rises in overdose deaths in 2020 compared to 2019:

  • Synthetic opioids including fentanyl
  • Psychostimulants such as methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Natural and semi-synthetic opioids

Only New Hampshire, New Jersey, and South Dakota reported fewer overdose deaths while many states, particularly in the southeast, reported more than 30% increases. Kentucky, West Virginia, and Vermont reported more than 50% increases in overdose deaths in 2020.

The Importance of Instant Fentanyl Tests

The CDC also reports that synthetic opioid and fentanyl overdoses went up 98% in some states into 2020. With many states enacting opioid and opiate restriction laws, those troubled by addiction often ingest fentanyl either on purpose or by accident when the drug is used to cut other illicit substances.

As the landscape of illicit drug use constantly changes and worsens, it’s important for professionals in any drug-adjacent field to know what people are ingesting. As of now, fentanyl poses arguably the most serious risk to addicts and those they come into contact with. To get them the help they need and administer the proper care, screening must include this potent drug.

US Alcohol Deaths

On average, excessive alcohol use is responsible for 2.8 million years of potential life lost in the US according to statistics from 2011 to 2015. This is spread out over 95,158 deaths in that time period, or 261 deaths per day.

Though many communities increase the taxes on alcohol and regulate alcohol-selling establishments, alcoholism has unfortunately plagued society as long as the substance has been available. Even as other drug deaths increase or decrease, deaths from alcohol seem inevitable.

Why Include EtG Tests In a Standard Drug Screen

While EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide, a metabolite of ethyl alcohol) alcohol tests cannot necessarily determine the amount of alcohol consumed, they are sensitive enough to show alcohol consumption. By starting conversations with clients, patients, and probationers/parolees, law enforcement and healthcare professionals can help the population recognize and seek help for alcohol abuse.

What Does a 14 Panel Drug Test Test For?

With these statistics in mind, this 14 panel drug test cup adds fentanyl and EtG alcohol testing for more comprehensive monitoring. The full list of urine drug screens in the 14 panel home drug test includes:

  • Amphetamines
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Buprenorphine
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Marijuana
  • Methadone
  • Methamphetamine
  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone
  • Phencyclidine
  • Ethyl-glucuronide
  • Fentanyl

While some agencies may require a much smaller screen, this 14 panel drug test encompasses many of the more widely-abused drugs available today.

Safe, Reliable Results

A UA test is only as good as its accuracy. With our 14 panel drug test, results are:

  • 99% accurate and approved for home use
  • Protected by a temperature strip that detects if the sample is above or below the proper temperature
  • Clear to read
  • Readable after only five minutes
  • For forensic use only

While 100% accurate results can never be guaranteed, we only sell products that get our customers as close to that as possible.

How to Administer Test

Accuracy is also affected by a user’s ability to administer the test. Fortunately, this 14 panel drug test only requires three steps:

  1. Remove test cup from the sealed bag. Only remove when ready to use to protect your results’ accuracy.
  2. After the client urinates in a cup, a green dot will appear 2 to 4 minutes later. This verifies the specimen’s proper temperature.
  3. Peel sticker from front of the cup to read results. Read results no more than 8 minutes after collecting the specimen.

Results are ready to be read in five minutes. While three minutes may seem like a small window, it protects the results from being contaminated.

How to Read a 14-Panel Drug Test

This 14 panel drug test maintains accuracy with an easy-to-read result window. After peeling the sticker from the cup, there are three possibilities indicated by distinct red lines for each drug in the test.

Negative Results

For negative results, two red lines will appear. One will be next to the control area labeled “C” and another will appear in the test area labelled “T.” Sometimes, the “T” line will be faded, but it is still a negative result.

Positive Results

A positive result makes one red line appear in the control area of the cup labeled “C.” There will be no line in the test area labeled “T.”

Inconclusive or Invalid Results

When a red line fails to appear in the control area, results are invalid even if there is a line in the test area. This can be the result of waiting too long to read the results. In any case of invalid results, a fresh cup should be used and the old one should be discarded.

Why Partner With 12 Panel Now

Committed to staying current with drug trends and statistics, 12 Panel Now provides products for use by:

  • Pain clinics
  • Drug and alcohol rehabs
  • Suboxone clinics
  • MAT programs
  • Drug detoxes
  • Probation offices
  • Pretrial diversion programs
  • Construction companies
  • Laboratories
  • Sober living homes

Because each organization’s needs differ, 12 Panel Now’s products and services meet many demands. By providing customers with a range of drug tests, quantities, shipping options, and information, we strive to be a key figure in the fight to curb drug and alcohol abuse in every sector.

A Large Inventory

With 2 million cups in stock, you can search for quick drug tests by drug, desired panel size, industry, and type including:

Whether you need 5 or 10,000 drug tests, 12 Panel Now has the type and amount of tests your organization needs. We stand behind our products so you can order and use our drug tests with confidence.

Bulk Prices

To better serve every drug-adjacent industry, 12 Panel Now offers this 14 panel drug test in bulk and wholesale pricing on a variety of other types of screens.

To save more on monthly orders, register for a wholesale account and sign up for our referral program. With over 5,000 commercial accounts, we are always prepared for large orders with quick turnarounds.

Same-Day Shipping

As a Florida-based company, we offer same-day shipping on orders placed before 4:00 PM EST within the United States. Some large orders qualify for free shipping. Agencies across the nation receive drug testing supplies in as little as one to four days.

After placing your order, we will email you a tracking number. If you have any questions about your package’s route, contact us and we will gladly investigate the matter for you.

If you no longer need your unused products within 30 days of shipment, we will refund the price minus the cost of shipping.

A Knowledgeable, Impactful Company

Committed to providing not just tests, but knowledge, 12 Panel Now strives to provide customers with resources. Our FAQ answers questions about specific products, false positives, and general testing questions. On our blog, customers and other interested parties can stay up-to-date on new products, statistics, and trends to better inform their purchases.

We extend this passion to our own community, as well. By taking part in charity drives and hosting fundraisers, our commitment to a better world includes and goes beyond our growing client base.

Join 12 Panel Now’s Network Today

With this combination of products, services, and knowledge, 12 Panel Now is one of the nation’s leading drug testing suppliers. For questions about our 14 panel drug test, pricing, shipping, or anything else to do with drug testing, contact our team today by phone, email, or in person by appointment. We know that serving you and your agency is urgent. We are always ready to help.

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