What can you expect to earn?

This all depends on you and your accounts. Our sales per customer range from $250 to $10,000 with our average sale being about $750 which is around 300 drug test cups. Every time this customer buys you make $45. This might not seem like a lot, but we have one affiliate that already has over 200 clients and makes huge residual monthly income. Remember: we are the best price in the country and it’s an easy sale.

We do have a sliding scale commission based on the volume discounts given to big clients – 6% to 3% . If a client buys 20 boxes, which is a common purchase, they get a discount of $25 per box which saves them an extra $500. This sale is $4,500 and would bring the commission to 3% ,this would still be a residual income for you of $135 Monthly Residual income.

What we offer that no other company offers is a chance to build a sustainable long term business that provides you with a monthly residual income that can net you huge commissions.