5 Signs You Should Drug Test Your Employee

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As an employer, ensuring a safe and productive workplace is crucial. One aspect of maintaining this environment is being vigilant about the signs of drug use among employees. 12 Panel Now provides employers with reliable employee drug test supplies to help identify and address drug-related issues promptly. Here are five signs that might indicate it’s time to drug test an employee.

1. Unexplained Decrease in Performance

When a reliable employee’s work performance suddenly declines, it could be a sign of various issues, including substance abuse. Missed deadlines, a noticeable drop in quality, and a lack of focus can all point to a problem that may require a drug test.

If an employee’s output becomes unpredictable or erratic, it’s a red flag. While everyone has off days, consistent inconsistency can indicate deeper issues, such as drug use, that are affecting their ability to perform. An employee drug test can help resolve unexplained decreases in performance and poor behavior.

2. Altered Behavior and Mood Swings

Alterations in an employee’s behavior can be a telltale sign of drug use. This might include increased aggression, withdrawal from colleagues, or overreaction to feedback. Such changes, especially if they are sudden or severe, should not be ignored.

Mood swings that seem out of character or cause for concern can also be symptomatic of drug use. If an employee exhibits erratic emotional responses, it might be time to consider an employee drug test, such as a multi panel drug test cup, to rule out substance abuse as the cause.

3. Physical Signs and Symptoms

Drug abuse can manifest in various physical signs, such as bloodshot eyes, sudden weight loss or gain, or poor personal hygiene. If you notice these signs, especially in combination with other red flags, it may be a signal that a drug test is warranted.

An increase in sick days, frequent unexplained illnesses, or accidents both in and out of the workplace can be symptoms of drug use. Drug testing can help determine whether these issues are related to substance abuse.

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4. Unreliability and Unexplained Absences

If an employee starts showing up late regularly or has unexplained or unauthorized absences, it could be a sign of substance abuse. Using a drug test, such as an oral swab, can help get to the bottom of these attendance issues.

An employee who suddenly becomes unreliable, missing meetings, or failing to complete tasks on time, may be struggling with drug-related issues. It’s crucial to address these signs early to prevent any further impact on their work and the workplace environment.

5. Reports from Co-workers or Customers

Sometimes, the first sign that an employee may be using drugs comes from their colleagues or customers. If you receive reports of unusual behavior or concerns about an employee’s conduct, it’s essential to take them seriously and consider a drug test as part of your response.

In some cases, rumors of drug use might circulate among staff. While rumors alone are not a basis for action, they can prompt a closer look and potentially lead to a drug test if other signs are also present.

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Recognizing the signs of drug use in the workplace is vital for maintaining safety, productivity, and a positive working environment. 12PanelNow provides a range of drug testing supplies that make it easy for employers to take proactive steps when these signs emerge. Whether it’s a drop in performance, behavioral changes, physical symptoms, unreliability, or concerns raised by others, being equipped to conduct timely drug tests can help you address issues before they escalate. By staying vigilant and prepared, you can help ensure that your workplace remains a drug-free zone. Looking to purchase drug tests in bulk? Contact us today!