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What is Cocaine and What Does It Do to Your Body?

Cocaine addiction is associated with the following potential risks:

  • Overdose and possible death
  • Contraction of infectious diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C:
  • Increased mental illness symptoms like mood disorders
  • Long-term health problems (heart attack, heart disease, hypertension, respiratory distress, seizures)

Learn more about what is cocaine.

Does Cocaine Kill the Coronavirus?

No, cocaine does not kill the coronavirus. To clarify, the World Health Organization (WHO) has posted on its website, denying that cocaine can protect against the coronavirus. “Cocaine is a stimulating and addictive drug. Its consumption causes serious side effects and is detrimental to people’s health,” it wrote.”

What Can Cause a False Positive for Cocaine?

Using topical cocaine anesthetics can cause a false positive urine drug screen. In addition, drinking coca leaf tea can also cause a false positive.

How Long Is Cocaine Detectable in the Urine?

Cocaine or its metabolites typically can show up in a urine test for up to 3 days. However, a heavy user can test positive on a urine test for up to 2 weeks.

What Is Crack Cocaine?

Cocaine typically comes in powdered form. On the other hand, crack cocaine comes in solid blocks or crystals varying in color from yellow to pale rose or white.
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