Advantages of Drug Testing Supplies in Local Pharmacies

Pharmacies can benefit from ordering drug testing supplies wholesale in bulk.  Not only would this add to the variety of medical supplies in their inventory, but it allows individuals who are pressed for time to purchase these tests instantly, without having to buy online.

Individuals who frequent these pharmacies may want to use these Drug Tests before they take an official urine screen – especially if they are on any kind of medication.

A Drugstore or Pharmacy may need to have CLIA waived urine test on hand for their own drug screenings.  Certain facilities may use their drug testing devices for their own staff or providing a service to the public.

For those who are in the process of helping family members who are struggling with drug addiction, this could be advantageous.  If the courts and jails were the only establishments that had access to such supplies, it certainly would be an unfair market.

When pharmacies add these supplies to their inventory, drug testing supplies can now be accessible to the public.

Buy Wholesale, Sell Retail

Certainly, a familiar concept that most business owners are familiar with. The more product you order the cheaper it will be. That is how 12 Panel Now operates! The more cups that you order the better price you receive.

The same goes for our bulk, wholesale orders of drug testing strips. You can purchase these orders in bulk and then break them down to redistribute them. Larger volume means better pricing, especially with our Drug Testing Cups.

If enough quantity is purchased, the pricing of the cups decreases as low as $1.99 per cup.  This is substantial, considering that drug testing kits can run as high as $50 from other retailers.

Testing Strips

Another type of Drug testing supplies our company offers is Testing Strips.  Some of the more popular strips include pregnancy strips, fentanyl strips, and alcohol strips. These are also offered in bulk at wholesale prices.

These strips are easy to use and very reliable. If you are in an area that is highly impacted by the drug overdose epidemic, you’ve likely seen the catastrophic results of drug abuse -, especially Fentanyl.

We’re  Here to Help!

Here at 12 Panel Now, we are happy to provide tons of information and spread awareness regarding these topics and more!

We also provide the nation’s most affordable Drug Testing Supplies, including Drug Testing Cups and Strips both for personal, and medical use.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us or send us an email!