Is Drug Use More Prevalent in Certain Industries?

construction workers

Did you know a recent study showed specific industries that have higher rates of substance abuse? The top 5 listed were:

  • Accommodations and food service 16.9%
  • Construction 14.3%
  • Arts, entertainment & recreation 12.9%
  • Mining 11.8%
  • Utilities 11.5%

In the realm of workplace safety and productivity, drug use is a critical concern that transcends industry boundaries. As an employer or individual looking to maintain a drug-free environment, drug testing is crucial. Join us on this exploration as we shed light on the factors contributing to drug use patterns across different sectors.

Hospitality and Food Services

The hospitality and food services industry is known for its fast-paced and demanding nature. Workers in this field may use substances like alcohol and stimulants to cope with stress or manage long shifts. Ensuring a drug-free workplace is vital to maintaining quality service and guest safety. 12 Panel Now offers a variety of top-notch drug testing supplies such as multi-panel drug tests, urine cups and more!

Drug Use in the Construction Industry

Construction is a physically demanding field with a higher risk of workplace injuries compared to many other industries. Workers in construction might turn to drugs to alleviate pain from injuries or to endure physically demanding tasks. Furthermore, the culture within some construction sites can normalize substance use as a way to cope with the demands of the job. If you’re looking for CLIA waived drug test solutions, contact us today!

Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

The arts, entertainment, and recreation industry often has a relaxed atmosphere and a higher tolerance for creative expression. This can contribute to a more permissive attitude towards drug use, making it more prevalent in this sector. Additionally, the irregular schedules and late-night events in this industry can encourage late-night partying and substance use.

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Mining is known for its physically demanding work conditions, isolation, and long shifts. Workers in this industry might use drugs to stay awake during extended shifts or to cope with the isolation from family and friends. The remote locations of many mining operations can also limit access to healthcare and support services for substance abuse. If you’re looking for drug tests in bulk for your organization, contact 12 Panel Now today. We offer accurate and affordable drug test supplies.


The utilities industry encompasses a wide range of jobs, including energy production and distribution. While the prevalence of drug use in this sector is lower than in the previously mentioned industries, it is still a concern. Some factors contributing to drug use in utilities may include high-pressure situations, the need to stay alert during irregular hours, and job-related stress.

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Is drug use more prevalent in certain industries? The answer is nuanced, as it depends on various factors specific to each sector. However, it’s clear that substance abuse can affect any industry, potentially compromising safety, productivity, and employee well-being.

No matter the industry, maintaining a drug-free workplace is paramount. This is where 12 Panel Now, your trusted partner for drug test supplies, can play a pivotal role. Our comprehensive range of multi-panel drug tests, and reliable support can help organizations across all industries implement effective drug testing programs. We are committed to ensuring a safer and more productive work environment for all.

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