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Drug Test In Bulk – What You Need To Know:

  • We manufacture all of our products
  • Container and Bulk Lot Prices on all cups
  • Ships from the USA to your door free
  • 10-day shipping to all states
  • Quantities of 10,000 + cups avail to ship now
  • Over 5 million cups in stock today
  • For resellers & wholesale buyers needing a drug test in bulk
  • Container pricing as low as $1.09 per cup
  • No waiting for overseas shipping times
  • Buy Local drug tests in bulk

What We Offer: drug cup Container and Bulk Lot Prices

Our Custom Cups Include:

  • Private labeling with your name and logo
  • Registration with the FDA and CLIA
  • Color-coded 3mm strips
  • Temperature gauge strip
  • Click-top None drip watertight seal


FDA / CLIA Waived Cups:

Amphetamine 500 ng/ml Oxycodone 100 ng/ml
Amphetamine 1000ng/ml Barbiturates 300 ng/ml
Methamphetamine 500 ng/ml Buprenorphine 10 ng/ml
Methamphetamine 1000 ng/ml MDMA 500ng/ml
Marijuana 20 ng/mg Phencyclidine 25 ng/ml
Marijuana 50 ng/ml Methadone 300 ng/ml
Morphine 300 ng/ml EDDP 300 ng/ml
Morphine 2000 ng/ml Tricyclic antidepressants 1000 ng/ml
Cocaine 300  ng/ml Propoxyphen 300 ng/ml
Cocaine 150 ng/ml 6-Monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM) 10ng/ml
Benzodiazepines 300 ng/ml

Forensic Use Cups:

Acetaminophen  5000ng/ml Cotinine 100/200 /300/ 600ng/ml   1000ng/ml Marijuana 25/50/150/200/300/500ng/ml Opiates 1000/2000 ng/ml
7-aminoclonazepam 200ng/ml,300ng/ml Diazepam   100ng/ml Methcathinone  500ng/ml Oxycodone 100/300ng/ml
Alprazolam  100 ng/mL EDDP 100 /300ng/ml MDMA  300/500/1000ng/ml Phencyclidine 25 ng/ml
Amphetamine 300 /500/ 1000ng/ml Ethyl glucuronide 500/1000ng/ml MDPHP  500  ng/ml Pregabalin  500/1000ng/ml
APVP 500ng/ml Fentanyl 100/ 200 ng/ml MDPV 500/1000ng/ml Propoxyphen 300 ng/ml
Barbiturates  100/200/300ng/ml Hydromorphone 250/500/1000 ng/ml Mephedrone 500ng/ml Carisoprodol 200/1000ng/ml
Buprenorphine 5/  10ng/ml K2 Synthetic marijuana 30/50ng/ml Mescaline 500ng/ml Tapentadol   1000  ng/ml
Benzodiazepines 100 /200 /300ng/ml K3 (AB-PINACA)Synthetic Cannabinoids 25ng/ml Methamphetamine 300/500/1000 ng/ml Ketamine  300/500/1000ng/ml
Caffeine 8000ng/ml K4 (UR-144)Synthetic Cannabinoids 25ng/ml Morphine 100/200/300ng/ml Xylazine 1000 ng/ml
Cathine 100ng/ml Ketamine  300/500/1000ng/ml Methylphenidate 150/300ng/ml Psilocybin (Mushrooms) 500 ng/ml
Carfentanyl 500ng/ml Kratom  500ng/ml Methaqualone 300ng/ml
Clonazepam 150ng/ml Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 20/50ng/ml Methadone 200/300ng/ml
Cocaine 100 /200/ 300/1500ng/ml 6-Monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM) 10ng/ml Norfentanyl 20ng/ml

We Make Ordering Drug Tests in Bulk Simple!

  • We guarantee and stand by the quality of our products.
  • We deliver right to your front door.
  • We handle all the shipping details.
  • We manage customs and duty operations.
  • Direct access to our support team when you need assistance.
  • Our guaranteed delivery saves you both money and time.
  • Multi-Panel cups start at¬†$1.09¬†each.
  • Each container holds 118,000 cups.
  • Order your drug test in bulk to move your business to the next level and boost your bottom line.

Drug Tests Manufactured in the USA

As high quality drug test kit manufacturers, 12 Panel Now takes quality control seriously. That’s why we manufacture all of our drug testing supplies in-house, right here in the USA. By overseeing the production process from start to finish, we can ensure that every single product meets the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. When you choose 12 Panel Now and order your drug tests in container and bulk lot prices, you can trust that you’re getting top-notch drug test cups that deliver consistent and precise results.

Free Shipping When Ordering Your Drug Test in Bulk

We value your convenience, which is why we offer free shipping to all our customers across the United States. No more worrying about extra shipping costs or delays when you order a drug test in bulk. Your order will be shipped right to your doorstep, and you can rest easy knowing that it’s coming from within the country, ensuring a swift and hassle-free delivery.

Fast and Easy Process

Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to drug testing. Waiting for your supplies can cause unnecessary delays and disruptions to your operations. That’s why we are committed to fast shipping, ensuring that your orders reach you within just 10 days, regardless of which state you are located in. With our quick turnaround time, you can maintain the efficiency and productivity of your drug testing procedures.

Drug Test in Bulk

We understand that some customers require large quantities of drug test cups to meet their demands. Whether you’re a busy clinic, a growing business, or an organization with extensive testing requirements, we’ve got you covered. With quantities of 10,000+ cups readily available, you can order a drug test in bulk and have your supplies shipped immediately.

With over 5 million urine drug test cups in stock today, we ensure that our inventory is always well-stocked to meet your needs promptly. You don’t have to worry about product shortages or backorders when you choose 12 Panel Now. Our vast selection of in-stock items ensures you have access to the supplies you need when you need them.

Bulk Pricing for Resellers & Wholesale Buyers

If you are a reseller or a wholesale buyer, 12 Panel Now offers special pricing and benefits to help you maximize your profits and cater to your customers effectively if you order your drug test in bulk. We understand the importance of offering competitive prices to your clients while maintaining the highest level of quality. Partner with us when you need to order bulk drug tests and provide your customers with reliable drug testing supplies that will keep them coming back for more.

Container Pricing for Drug Tests As Low As $1.09 Per Cup

Cost-effectiveness is a priority for our customers, and we are proud to offer container pricing as low as $1.09 per multi-panel drug test cup. This special pricing allows you to make substantial savings when ordering in larger quantities. With our competitive rates, you can provide top-quality drug test cups without compromising your budget.

No More Waiting For Overseas Shipping Times

Unlike some drug test kit suppliers who rely on overseas manufacturing and shipping, we take pride in offering fast and efficient service directly from the USA. With 12 Panel Now, you won’t experience lengthy waiting periods for your bulk drug test supplies to arrive. We understand the importance of quick turnarounds, and that’s precisely what we deliver.

The Benefits of Ordering Drug Tests By The Container and Bulk Lot Prices

Ordering a drug test in bulk offers several significant benefits for businesses, clinics, and organizations with high testing requirements. 

  • Save Money- minimize¬†the need for frequent reordering, saving you time and effort in the procurement process.

  • Be Prepared¬†respond quickly to sudden spikes in testing demands or unexpected events¬†

  • Convenience and Reliability- don’t¬†worry about running out of supplies or dealing with frequent restocking

Purchase Your Order Today!

At 12 Panel Now, our Container and Bulk Lot Prices for drug tests are designed to offer you convenience, affordability, and reliability. We strive to be your trusted partner for all of your drug test bulk supply needs. Contact us today and experience the difference of working with a company that puts quality and customer satisfaction above all else. Choose 12 Panel Now for all your drug test supply needs, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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