Oral Swab Drug Testing

Is it time to stock up on drug tests, but you’re wondering if you should consider a different type? If you’ve been having issues with your current supply of drug tests, it might be because you’re relying on the wrong form of test.

Employers, clinics, and law enforcement have a lot of options when it comes to drug testing. Different drug tests have their benefits and flaws, including price, ease, and reliability. One of the most common forms of drug testing is urine testing, but that’s not your only option.

Oral swab drug testing has the reliability of urine testing without the invasiveness of requiring a urine sample. In this guide, we’ll give you a complete overview of what oral swab drug tests are and how they can benefit your drug testing process.

What Is An Oral Swab Drug Test?

Before you buy oral swab drug tests, you should know exactly what they are and how they work. Simply, an oral swab drug test consists of a swab and a test cube.

The collection stick contains a large absorbent collection swab at the end. The test cube contains several test strips, which come in contact with the saliva during the test and react to the chemicals within the saliva.

How to Use a Mouth Swab Drug Test

To use the mouth swab drug test, you must remove the entire kit from its package and tear off the collection stick package. In order for the results to be accurate, the subject must have not put anything in their mouth for ten minutes prior to the test.

Then, you should insert the collection stick into the test subject’s mouth. You must let the test stick sit in the subject’s mouth for three minutes to collect enough saliva. For those who don’t produce as much saliva, you can leave it in their mouth for a bit longer.

To express the saliva sample into the test cube, hold the test cup vertically and push the saturated collection swab into the cube. There is a guide rail with a groove to guide the stick in properly. Make sure that the collection stick is fit into the grove and then press fully.

There must be enough saliva to fill up the test cube to the line. If you don’t have enough saliva, you can collect more with a new collection stick.

Once the collection stick is in place, close the lid and keep the test cube verticle.

How to Read Oral Swab Drug Test Results

Different oral swab drug tests will show results in their own way. 12PanelNow oral swab drug tests come in either drug tests or alcohol tests. oral swab drug tests will show results in two minutes after the lid has been closed. For these tests, you should not wait longer than five minutes to read the results.

Alcohol swab tests come with a color chart, which you should compare to the drug test’s reactive pad. One of the five test sticks is black. If this stick shows a color change under the black, compare this new color to the chart.

Any color change beyond yellow is a positive result, but the intensity of the color change will help you estimate blood alcohol levels.

The color chart ranges from detecting 0 to 0.3 percent blood alcohol levels. The more alcohol in the bloodstream, the more the test strip will change from yellow to blue to green.

For oral swab drug tests, you should check test results after ten minutes. You should not wait any longer than one hour after the test to check the results.

Positive results are marked with the lack of a line on the strips under the control line. The control line will always appear, but a negative result will cause a second line to appear underneath. If you only see a test line and no control line, the test is invalid.

In other words, one line is either positive or invalid, and two lines mean negative. No matter how faint the line, the appearance of a line under the control line is a negative result.

Benefits of Oral Swab Drug Testing

Oral swab drug tests are popular because of their many benefits. They provide an easy and reliable alternative to urine drug testing, which requires privacy for sample collection and has the potential to be messier.

Here are some reasons to consider oral swab drug tests.

Easier to Obtain Samples

As previously mentioned, urine drug tests require that the subject provide a urine sample. Providing a urine sample in accordance with health standards requires the use of a working bathroom. For organizations that want to drug test many people at once, offering sufficient bathroom access is difficult.

Oral swab drug testing requires nothing but the subject and the test itself. It is quick and easy to collect a sample, as collection only takes three minutes. You can test tons of subjects simultaneously instead of causing long lines for the bathroom.

No Privacy Needed

Oral swab drug testing is also less invasive because subjects can keep their clothes on. Subjects don’t need the privacy of a bathroom to undress and provide a sample.

This lack of need for privacy is also a benefit to drug testers, who often deal with the issue of subjects cheating on drug tests. Requiring the privacy of a bathroom allows the subject more opportunities to provide a false or manipulated urine sample.

Oral swabs do not require any privacy at all, and the entire test can be conducted under the supervision of the tester.

No Mess

Finally, oral swab tests are arguably more hygienic because they do not require the use of a bathroom or undressing. The collection and handing over of a urine sample can be messy, while oral swabs collect saliva from the mouth with an absorbent sponge that immediately goes into a test cube.

Saliva tests can’t be spilled and don’t come into contact with bacteria from the bathroom or the subject’s genital region, making the entire process more hygienic and contained.

Oral Swab Drug Test Effectiveness

How accurate is a mouth swab drug test? Oral swab drug tests might seem less effective or comprehensive because of such a small sample size, but nothing can be further from the truth. 12PanelNow’s 10 panel oral swab drug test can detect ten different drugs in just one sample.

The 10 panel saliva drug test we offer provides results in minutes at 99 percent accuracy. It is designed for both at-home and professional use, so anyone can take advantage of the benefits.

12PanelNow’s 10 panel oral swab drug test effectively detects:

  1. Cocaine
  2. Marijuana
  3. Methamphetamines
  4. PCP
  5. Amphetamines
  6. Barbiturates
  7. Benzodiazepines
  8. Buprenorphine
  9. Morphine
  10. Oxycodone

This test detects amphetamines and benzodiazepines for one to two days after use, oxycodone for one to three days, and barbiturates for one to four days. It also detects buprenorphine for two to six days and phencyclidine for seven to fourteen days. For cocaine, morphine, and methamphetamine it detects levels for two to four days.

Finally, it detects marijuana for well over five days after use. Healthcare professionals even say that oral swab tests can detect substances sooner after consumption than other tests.

12panelnow reviews prove just how powerful these tests are. In particular, one customer explained that our oral swab tests were a great solution for pre-employment and post-accident testing because they stopped them from having to send people off-site for testing.

Oral Swab Drug Test VS Urine Drug Test

Oral swab drug testing has so many benefits, but urine drug tests are still a great option. Drugs often affect urine for longer than saliva, so urine tests can detect certain drug use for longer than oral swab testing. The subject can also alter saliva with food, drinks, gum, and other products, so close observation is critical.

Urine drug tests also have a more established legal precedence, which is important to consider depending on your reason for testing. If you plan on using drug test results in court, for example, a urine test might be a better option.

12 Panel Now drug test cups are a great solution for urine drug testing needs. We offer some popular options, such as a 10 panel drug test cup and a 12 panel drug test cup. These drug tests a self-contained, including test strips inside the sample cup with a lid so that subjects can provide urine samples without the need for you to handle them directly.

If you’re looking for a simple and cheap solution, 12 Panel Now also offers individual test strips, like fentanyl drug test strips, which you dip into a urine sample.

Oral Swab Drug Test Near Me

12PanelNow puts the power of oral swab drug testing in your hands with a 10 panel rapid drug test. If you need to buy a large amount of the test, but you’re worried about the 10 panel drug test cost, we offer bulk pricing and discounts for customers.

Of course, if you aren’t convinced about oral swab drug tests, you can always choose our 12 panel drug test for urine testing. Our UA cup options are just as reliable and fast as our oral swab options.

For more advice on drug testing, check out our blog!


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