Things You Need To Know About The Pre-employment Drug Tests?

No matter how much efforts an employer makes to fulfill a vacant position, the use of smart ways is must for finding a deserving candidate. Most companies that focus on their own budget rather than thinking strategically fails to hire the best candidate and end up risking their companies growth.

Considering today’s work scenario, it is important to conduct drug testing before welcoming the candidate on-board along with various personality, technical rounds of interview.

This helps you make a valuable decision for your firm as if any candidate fail pre-employment drug screening, you can dismiss the idea of their appointment.

Also, you can conduct on-the-job screenings to avoid drug use in and out of the workplace. This way, you can assure a secure work environment to other worthy employees and increased productivity.

What is Drug Testing?

Drug testing is not merely used to identify illegal drug use in someone’s system but it can also be used for legal purposes. Also, some parents use it to ensure that the person they are hiring for child custody is not the drug addict.

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Techniques employers can use for drug screening


Urine Test

12-panel urine test is one of the most commonly used methods for drug screening producing more accurate results than others. It does not provide an indication of use at the time it’s being used.

Alcohol Strips

It is an easy and quick way to perform alcohol testing. The result provided by alcohol test strips is 99% accurate.

Breath-Alcohol test

It is the good way to detect the current alcohol level in someone’s system. It measures blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and produces results.

Is the drug testing at the workplace is legal?

If considering the facts, employers have full right to maintain the drug-free environment at the workplace. They are not required to justify drug testing.

Legally, in most parts, there is no regulation from the government on conducting drug screening of employees. But yes, some parts have laws regarding drug testing.

You can consult your attorney once if you are unsure of the laws in your area.

Which substance do 12 Panel Now Drug testing kit identify?


●     Alcohol

●     Marijuana

●     Amphetamine

●     Barbiturates

●     Benzodiazepines

●     Buprenorphine

●     Cocaine

●     ethadone

●     Methamphetamine

●     Opiates/Morphine

●     Oxycodone

●     Phencyclidine

●     Ecstasy

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