What is the COVID Antigen Test? Everything You Need to Know

What is the COVID Antigen Test

Did you know that the United States recently broke the record for COVID-19 cases? The United States shattered COVID-19 expectations by reporting over one million cases. You may have heard of different testing sites and measures that facilities and hospitals use.

Maybe you have searched, ‘what is the COVID antigen test?’ We have your answers right here.

rapid COVID antigen test can give quick, reliable, and easy-to-read results. Ultimately, this can help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus by increasing awareness and alerting health officials to active areas around the country.

If you have an interest in learning more about the validity and reliability of rapid COVID testing kits, keep reading for more information!

What Is the COVID Antigen Test?

There are two types of COVID antigen testing: self-test and point-of-care testing. A rapid COVID test at home can easily carried out by an individual and give you quick results. A COVID rapid antigen test in a school, clinic, or hospital is setting considered point-of-care testing.

Health care professionals use these tests to control the spread of COVID in public areas and provide treatment. What are rapid COVID tests?

These tests are similar to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. They are both designed to help detect whether you have the COVID-19 virus. The key difference between the two is that the PCR tests can take longer and are usually more accurate.

Trained clinicians or healthcare providers usually carry out PCR tests. However, a rapid antigen test for COVID can sometimes detect the COVID-19 virus right before you become symptomatic.

It is also an easy and effective tool for those showing symptoms. Why are they beneficial?

These tests can give results within minutes and are very user-friendly. If the test is positive, a healthcare professional can also perform a PCR test to confirm.

Are Rapid COVID Tests Accurate?

Recent studies show that a rapid antigen COVID test is fairly accurate and reliable. Almost 90% of symptomatic COVID-19 patients showed positive results on the rapid test. Over 70% of asymptomatic individuals also came back with a positive test result.

Rapid COVID tests are also more cost-friendly, easier to distribute, and require less training. These benefits make it a great tool in the public health sector. Keep in mind – PCR tests provide almost 100% accuracy at detecting COVID-19, but they require extensive laboratory equipment and more training.

It is more ideal in settings where verification of COVID-19 is needed. Rapid tests detect the virus at a higher threshold level. It is part of what makes it ideal if you have even mild symptoms.

In some cases, patients have not met the viral threshold level to test positive on a rapid antigen test. You should always continue to monitor a person’s symptoms, and if they get worse, a retest might be needed. Bulk COVID antigen tests are ideal for these scenarios since they are cheaper and faster to use.

COVID Testing Process

How does a rapid COVID antigen test work? Typically, most rapid tests come in a kit. The results will show directly on the testing kit, which means that providers do not need to bring results into a laboratory or use other special equipment.

Most people are familiar with the at-home testing kit. In this scenario, the patient or health provider will swab both nostrils and then place the tip in a solution (which is carefully distributed in a section on the kit).

After the kit is closed, the results will show up within a short time. A rapid COVID antigen test operates a bit differently.

These tests still FDA-approved and can give you results within fifteen minutes. Additionally, it does not require complex or added training for healthcare workers.

You will swab the patient’s nostrils and then place the swab in a small solution sample. After stirring the swab in this solution, you can place the lid back on the sample and provide a few drops of the solution on a provided testing device. The results will show up quickly with easy-to-read results.

Positive results from the testing kits at 12panelnow will have two red lines – one on the control section and the other on the test line. A negative result will only have a red marking on the control line. If the test is invalid, neither of these results will be visible, and you should redo the test for the most accurate results.

Benefits of Testing for COVID

There are several positive benefits of increasing the number of COVID-19 tests in America and worldwide. One important reason is that COVID spreads quickly in communities at a higher risk. These communities might include rural areas or people who have higher risk factors.

High-risk factors include comorbidities and those living in multi-generational homes. 12 panel now can provide local communities, hospitals, and facilities with critical means of stopping the spread. The new Omicron variant has also led to more cases and seems to be highly transmissible.

How Much Is COVID Testing?

A COVID diagnostic, sometimes referred to as a PCR test, requires a deep swab in the back of the nose to determine if you hold the active coronavirus infection.

At a hospital, clinic, or physician’s office, swab collection alone costs around $44 and the actual lab diagnostic test costs about $106.

A COVID rapid antigen test price depends on where you get the test and the specific type of test.

People who do not have work-from-home opportunities or are essential workers are even more at risk. Curbing the spread of COVID-19 starts with bulk orders of testing kits that can give patients results quickly. A 12panelnow coupon can help you save money on bulk testing kits.

What is the COVID Antigen Tes

Are Rapid COVID Tests Accurate?

Still, the same question rages: Are rapid covid tests accurate? The answer is yes.

Here are the findings from various studies that prove their accuracy.

1. Frequent, rapid testing mitigates COVID-19 spread

Turnaround-time and frequency are more important than sensitivity in curbing COVID-19 spread.

That is, extensive twice-weekly rapid testing with a less sensitive test reduces the virus’s degree of infectiousness by 80%.

In comparison, twice-weekly testing with a more sensitive polymerase chain reaction, or PCR test, which takes up to 48 hours to return results, reduced infectiousness by 58%.

2. Rapid detection of the Covid-19 virus in 30 seconds get successful results

This time, a rapid test effectively detects one’s exposure to the COVID19 virus in 30 seconds without the need for a laboratory setting or trained health care workers.

3. Rapid antigen tests are useful when other real-time screening tools are not available

Rapid antigen tests offer results faster (approximately 15–30 minutes). Thus, persons who know their positive test result can isolate immediately. They should help initiate contact tracing  sooner and be more effective than if a test result is returned several days later the screening.

Purchase COVID Antigen Tests

What is COVID antigen test? It is an effective tool used in conjunction with PCR tests to help identify the COVID-19 virus in individuals.

Rapid tests can purchased in bulk orders, making it convenient for facilities to identify positive cases for multiple workers. 12 Panel Now reviews speak for themselves, and the FDA-approved antigen test will be a critical tool for point-of-care use.

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